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Lay Report: internet game w/hbdsl

mASF post by bigcalipimpin79

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Lay Report: internet game w/hbdsl
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mASF post by "bigcalipimpin79"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, October 10, 2004

whats up guys, it's been awhile since i've posted but let me put you up on my
latest.i've been aware of not only masf but other nlp teachings and i've
dabbled in the techniques and teachings, but everytime i had a breakthrough
much like the rest of you probaly have had, i would always have an afc
re-lapse. well, the pattern followed for most of the year but then i guess you
can say that i had a pua epiphany about three months back and decided i need to
make some changes in my life.and, so i have i decided to take this more
seriously, but also have fun with it and my game has seen major strides. im
nowhere on the level of some the masf hall of famers like TD,RJ,LB& GUN but im
much much better off then i was before thanks to those guys posts and the many
other pua's on, lets get the background on the lay. this is a chick
i've been basically im & e-mailing since june(before my pua epiphany) and
everytime i would see progess i would have an afc re-lapse and kill game. but
since august my whole philosophy as change along with my perspective so i
decided i'll re-engage her and if anything i can use it to work on my game
along with the other chicks i've been sarging.background on this chick she is a
latina and she's a solid 7.5 maybe even an eight if she lost 10-15lbs. i
started to re-engage her about two weeks ago. started off with some c&f and
lots of projecting mixed in with the c&f.moved one to phone game did the same
but added more of the things that i have in my bag of tricks. things like
embedded commands everyone here should seriously think about adding this to not
only your phone game but everyday game also. what it is, is basicaly throwing
commands you want the person to do without them noticing and with jus the
right tonality.its all in your voice modulation. there's three forms of voice

1. the first is the question voice modulation everyone here knows this to
perform a question voice modulation all you have to do is have your voice
elevate towards the end of your statement.just think of it as a stockmarket
earning chart when earnings are up for a company the redline goes up on the
chart. example " your going to the store?"voice modulation goes up towards the
end of the sentence.

2. the second is the statement voice modulation this is real simple likewise
with the question voice modulation think of this also as a earning charts the
only the difference the earning didnt rise they stayed the same. so what this
mean your voice modulation doesnt rise towards the end of the statement it just
stay the same. one again practice with the statement "your going to the store"
and keep your voice modulation the same.

3. the third is the COMMAND voice modulation the one you've been waiting
for.think of this with as the same as with the question n statement voice
modulation. this time your voice doesnt rise or level like the other two u want
you voice modulation to drop towards of the sentence and morse specifically on
keywords or phrases you you want to embed into her mind so she will follow or
feel the command.

so basicaly you want to work on the pitch of your voice practicing raiseing the
pitch leveling it off and dropping it down.its scary how well human beings are
affected by this. the best speakers i can think of who have mastered this is
bill clinton he's a natural at it hypnotizes ypu with his speech and watch how
is voice decends on the statements he wants you to remember and have an effect
on you. the others are, phil jackson former l.a.laker n chicago bulls coach i
know what your thinking phil jackson but listen to the pitch of his voice his
voice is very hypnotizing too. tony robins, ronald reagan, democratic candidate
for the u.s. senate in illinois barack obama(just watch his speech from the
democratic national convention).
ok now back to the lay since you now have background of my style of game. i
dont have any canned routines the routine i've ever used was the "who lies
more" because if you tell it right you get a great response but other than that
i just improv and add life stories for inspiration or steal other peoples life
stories and make them mine own. so i phone game her a couple times and follow
the advice of the hall o famers on the board and cut the conversation off when
its reached its peak. which worked like a charm,because she's droping hits
about how she would like to see me i call her on the bullshit and play a lil
hard to get and tell her i'll see if im not busy and maybe we'll hook something
up. so, last thursday i'll were hooking up this sat. she fastforward
to sat. i show up at her place round 9 and she looks good the plan is to make
it a blockbuster nite (so you guy know im in there like swimwear)when i see her
i immediately kino and i can tell that was a lil awkward to her it almost
fucked up my game to be honest the lil voices of doubt started to show up and
there were bent on fucking this up for me. so i jus settled and told those
voices to shut the fuck up because im trying to get us laid and that just
boosted my state in to the cocky confident mindset that i need for this
mission, so we sit on the couch get prepared for the movie i c&f her
immediately and and pace and lead i want the dominate frame. so i tell her a
couple jokes and couple stories i bullshitted my way through they were just
basicaly stories my buddies have told me i jus edited them to make me the star
instead of being the extra. the c&f went over well it made more confident and
it broke down that nervous wall of her cuz we both knew what was gonna go down
tonite i just need to gamer to make sure she did. so the movie starts i pick-up
the kino and she follows. i dont over do it cuz i figure i got all nite and i
want to make sure that her BT is as high as possible before i go in for the
kill. i kino her drop in some embedded commands while the previews are playing.
i keep the kino up about 20 minutes into the film. then my instincts kicked and
told me its time for the makeout session. btw this chick as the sexy lips i've
seen on a chick. when you see theese lips the only you can think of is having
those lips wrapped your dick sucking you off the whole nite. hence the name
hbdsl (dick sucking lips).20 minutes i start the process of going in for the
kill. the makeout session begins and while were making out i make sure i slowly
caress every part of her body. i keep this up for 10 minutes then i slide my
hands to her panties , no resistance and i fingerbang her. and like all females
do she's loving it i take her top of and her bra off. and get to work on her
erect nipples she's loving at this point i get grab her hand say lets goto your
room. we goto room i sart the process over again in a speed drill. at this
point my dick is so hard a midget could do pull ups on it. but im also
confident is hell. now all of sudden al those lil voices of doubt have changed
their tune and instead of saying "she doesnt want to fuck you" they're saying
"your're the man bigcali, your're the muthaphuckin man." i go down on her
then sucks me off and yes those are some true dsl's right there. i put the
rubber on n goto town on her which was good she's nice n tight .i fuck her one
more time that nite, get head one more tyme and basically fingerbang her chance
i get cu i know she loves it. she wants me to spend the nite but i dont want to
its hard to sleep in a bed thats not yours and i dont know bout you guys but
when i've had my balls drained by a chick i really dont want to be around her
for the rest of nite.i dunno what that is,its jus how i feel. so i get home at
about 4 am. sleep my black ass in, get up and type this up. i hope the info was
helpful to any of you masfers outthere any feedback is appreciate.peace

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