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Field Report: Fun night in Huddersfield

mASF post by Huddersfield Mark

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Field Report: Fun night in Huddersfield
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mASF post by "Huddersfield Mark"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, September 9, 2004

I've had an inspiring day at uni and am thinking about how best to get my
fulfilment when Cas texts and says some bars and clubs are going to be hit up
in Huddersfield. Well how could I refuse such a feisty offer?

So I meet up with AK and Cas in the Cherry Tree. It's good to see them again,
and they both look pretty chilled out. Cas is starting off his alcohol
indulgence with a stella and AK has an orange and mango drink.

This guy who I've met before waves at me from another set, so I enter it. Hmm,
who lies more? This engages the whole group, especially the guys. The guys
really like me. When they find out I'm a writer they start going on about how
'Lord of the Rings' is a great book. I engage two of the girls, a pair of
sixes, and get a good response. Cascade strolls over to the set and talks to
the guys and girls a bit. We eject after a while. I go back later and open
another two set who have merged into the group. Get a fairly good response
again, but they're ready to leave so we exit.

It's the Camel Club for us, Cas decides. "I've heard good things about it from
two people."

There's hardly any queue to get in, and it's four quid. Cas does his
professional 'socialising' thing by saying hi to the bouncer and the ticket
girl. Good stuff. I think that the best way to get social proof from these kind
of people is just to be calm, match their energy levels. It's definitley worth
getting to know them. I think it's actually morally wrong that we have to pay
to go into clubs. Soon we should be receiving payment from them for our

Anyway. The Camel Club is where middle class students of Huddersfield hang.
It's pretty busy inside, and loud rock music is blasting. Plenty of sets, and
generally seven or over chicks.

We did about 4 sets in here. I think Cas got a number close in one of them. I
was fairly pleased with my performance; my game got smoother the more I played.
I got a few technical pointers- make sure there are chairs to sit at before
approaching a seated set, when asked who Bill is introduce the wing. Noise is a
problem again though. I'm going to do some vocal exercises to improve my
tonality and volume.

I get good rapport with two sevens, but there's not enough attraction for a

We decide to blow, (with me getting some good brush past kino), but hit one set
on our way out. It's a nice little group, two 7.5s. When I come in Cas
introduce me and says this is Avril and Uma. I game Uma, who is a goth. I
thought Cas might have gone for this one, but he is fixated on Avril. I see him
do the 'New York handshake' in my peripheral vision. However, Uma busts in on
his set. Shortly after Avril leaves.

Now it's Revolution. Free to get in here, and a good if loud atmosphere. A
couple of sets are entered as warm ups. Cas and I act out a role play with me
as the chick and him as the strongly manly guy to give AK some AMOGing
practise. We see the first set we opened, and knew would be in here. I AMOG the
one loser of the group. "Nice glasses Steven!" He gets annoyed and stomps off.
"Dude, he's pissed off" complains Cas. "I know dude," I say.

My energy levels are good. An 8 walks past and I open her with who lies more?
As in every set tonight, it gets a good response. I emotionally engage a little
disagreeing with her, using evocative language. I merge into blonde hair
opener, and she is more attached. "I'm thinking blonde streaks," I say. Note
the word streaks.

Cas' timing is good when he enters the set. The 8 immediately gives him a bit
of kino and he says "Are you touching me?" She nods and touches again. "It's
ten pounds per touch." She touches both of us keenly. Cas says go for it, and
leaves the set. "I hope you've got a lot of money."

Didn't really use any routines from then on. We just connected naturally, and I
talk about writing. She gives me a lot of kino, pushing her pussy up on me.
She's a nice person. I remember a Sundance tip and decide to number close when
I've got attraction. She gives the tiniest of mini shit tests with a smiling
"Why?" "I like you." She smiles again and I get the number.

I'm so happy. Looking back, I feel I should have maybe tried to isolate her in
the outside bit of the club but Cas and AK feel like leaving. I probably need
to work on isolation game in clubs more to be confident in this situation.
Well, at least I maintain an air of enigma by leaving when she is attracted.
"Text me," she says. "I will". I'm calling her today.

So our group dynamic is good and we head into Warehouse. People are wearing
crazy outfits, and Cas opens a guy with a huge afro. I give him a couple of
quid for a drink, and we lounge down on some comfy sofas.

"Man this is cool," he says. "We are laying back on some sofas and watching
cartoons after getting two good number closes." Indeed, it is relaxing. A three
set sit opposite us and I say that "Only cool people can sit there. Are you
cool?" They claim they are cool. I play pinball on my mobile for a while, then
casually go and sit next to them. Used who lies more again. Works as per usual.
The set splits with me having two and Cas one.

The chicks are quite groovy really. I let them touch my pen, (think Freud), and
get rapport. Both are from the uni, and I'll probably see them again. Cascade
does a nice routine by getting an item of clothing from his girl, wrapping it
round him like a skirt, then taking our good orders. I draw cartoons (quite
deliberately badly) of the girls. They draw one of me. We leave the set as it's
chucking out time.

Fun night really. As I mentioned before we went out to Cas, getting firm
isolation points ready would be beneficial, and this is something I'll be
aiming towards when I can find a suitable place. Got plenty of other tips too.

Going out with wings always makes the night better. Cas claimed that Sundance
was "Really, really good. I want to have his babies." Roll on the northern lair

Aiming for fulfilment in body and mind.

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