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Re: My biggest realization of the summer

mASF post by coloradogeoff

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Re: My biggest realization of the summer
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mASF post by "coloradogeoff"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2004


You've got to get out of the clubs and bars.
Many of these chicks are not relationship material.
Try going to Nursing conventions in Las Vegas. Screenthem for the "club lifestyle." I would bet that most
women over 22 never or rarely go to clubs! They don't
like bars or clubs. We need a scientific sample of
the female population on this issue.

You meet someone whose lifestyle revolves around
clubs you've probably got a short term connection,that's
all. A friend of mine who owned several bars over
a 10 year period told me,"bars are not a good place
to find relationships." My friend was 67 years old.

You've gotten cynical about women because you're meeting
too many low quality women. Low quality in terms of
ethics and character. They aren't virtuous women. They aren't inspired to be

And unfortunately we don't have a society that condemns
their shitty behavior--lack of loyalty, betraying a
good friend, etc. Not only is this behavior not condemned
it's condoned :they're only doing their own thing.

My thought is this is a cultural breakdown. Our civilization, Western
Civilization, fused Christian morality with Greek virtue ( Aristotles
Nichomachean ethics--the best life is the virtuous life).The 60's
counter-culture attacked that old culture and replaced it with do what feels
good---no matter the virtue!

You're too accepting of this behavior! Find a girlfriend
in a street pick up or in Nursing conventions.


gmm***7@ya***.com[ ? ]

I now of a web site listing conventions
world wide. Nurses are 95% women, as are interior designers.

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