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How can I become interesting

mASF post by Scoob

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How can I become interesting
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mASF post by "Scoob"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

You've got a few more weeks before you go to uni. This is great because you've
got time to reflect.

Here's an exercise you can do. It will only take 1-2 hours and will give you
good insight into developing routines and using storytelling. This was actually
the exercise that led to the creation of the "Missions" board here.

First, turn off your cellphone and isolate yourself in someplace quiet where
you can think. You don't want any distractions to interrupt your flow.

Looking back on your life, make a list of TEN experiences that were
exceptionally funny, heroic, frightening or absurd. Write these experiences out
as a paragraph each, including as much descriptive detail as possible.
Emphasize how you FELT, how people around you REACTED...pretend you are writing
a short story and you want your readers to be moved and to FEEL your personal
experience. Make certain to keep each example short enough to fit into one

After you've written all of this information down, put your writings away in a
drawer or file cabinet for 24 hours. Go about your day as before and forget the
exercise until tomorrow.

The next day, you should take out your examples and review them objectively as
if you were reading someone else's experiences. Which of these stories do you
find most interesting? Most humorous? Most inspiring?

Pick out the three that really make you FEEL something strongly. Now think of
ways that you can introduce these stories into conversation. Perhaps you could
transition from an opinion opener. You might think of a way to lead into the
stories. "Hey guys, check this out. When I was 9 my uncle got really hammered
at our Christmas party and gave me a $100 dollar bill (true story) and I was
like "Yay! I'm rich! I'm rich...I'm going to buy ALL the Reeses Peanut Butter
Cups in the whole WORLD!!! etc. etc. "

Practice telling these stories and developing openers/routines/transitions from
them. You'll find that you are a LOT more interesting then you think you are if
you draw from life experiences and then look back at them as an impartial
observer. Give this a try.

Also, girls are always intrigued by drama. Celebrity news/gossip, music, movies
and pop culture in general are great topics to engage groups. As you already
know, most chicks are not going to be soaking their panties while discussing
Visual C++ or Dragon.con conventions. Spend 5 minutes a day scanning the
entertainment section in your local newspaper or on MSN. It may be inane,
vapid, and totally removed from your play the game you have
to have something to talk about that BOTH parties can relate to.

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