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Re: Eradiating FUN!

mASF post by Kineti[C]harm

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Re: Eradiating FUN!
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mASF post by "Kineti[C]harm"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2004

On 7/16/04 1:19:00 AM, secondarysight wrote:
>On 7/15/04 6:34:00 PM, Kineti[C]harm
>>So remember that the next time
>>you are bored, depressed or
>>you are around other people
>>and idle. DO, ACT, LIVE. Just
>>do what you think would be FUN
>Interesting reminds me of some
>philosophical stuff I was reading the
>other day. According to this site, the
>attitude you are taking would be called
>"Extraverted Sensation," because you are
>following your senses and letting them
>manifest themselves in the external
>(extraverted) world:
>"Extraverted Sensation (Se) is the
>attitude that whatever is manifest
>(apparent, observable) calls forth an
>obvious and natural response, that has
>nothing to do with the way you need to
>respond in any other moment. The meaning
>of everything is readily apparent--at
>the time that it appears. Whatever
>stands out and gets your attention here
>and now is precisely what needs your
>attention here and now.
This is VERY much how I live and act, my attentionspan is very short and just
goes to what I react to then and there. That though does not mean I do not
catch all the details around, it just means that my primary focus is on what I
react too.

> Your instincts
>at each moment will tell you what to do;
>there is no point in anticipating."
>This sounds exactly like what you are
>advocating. I know what you mean when
>you say that this is an attractive
>quality to many people, because I have
>seen guys who act like this. Here's
>"Extraverted Sensation (Se) makes sense
>of the world by attending to what exists
>concretely here and now, and trusting
>your instincts. As an epistemological
>perspective, Se leads you to believe
>only in what you can see and experience
>concretely, and to trust your immediate,
>gut-level responses to it. If it looks
>like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds
>like a duck, then it's a duck. Whatever
>a sign means is obvious and inescapable;
>if a sign's meaning is not obvious, then
>it's meaningless. Whatever is physical,
>immediate, gut-level cannot be faked and
>must be right. For example, if you sense
>that someone is up to no good, then you
>trust that sense. If you have an impulse
>to paint the town red, then you go out
>and do so. As an ethical perspective, Se
>leads you to believe that life is to be
>lived right now, "in the moment",
>responding to things immediately and
>without thought. What matters most in
>life is what makes the biggest
>perceivable impact, whatever stands out
>in a way that can't be ignored. Se leads
>you to develop a persona that is
>attractive and "hip" according to the
>conventions of your society and your
>time--to go with the flow without
>stopping to question the direction. If
>something isn't fun, then don't do it."
That is almost just scary, especially the last lines. It describes me and my
mentality almost PERFECT atleast inn it's basic/surface sense. If it ain't fun
I'm not doing it and I just flow with life and what I feel fun and find fun
then and there. This makes me really never worry but always have fun and also I
seem to have gotten highly finetuned instincts for human behavior or logical
flaws. As inn I can sense when something is not right, like with girls. I can
often sense even over something as MSN/IM in the way a girl lays out her words
or talks that something is not right, and I'm normally right too and always
follow those instincts. I think it's because it disrupts the flow or vibe I am
accustomed too with that person or how it should be.

Anyways great information in those two URLs, thanks alot :)

>-"The only way to treat a woman is to
>love to her if she is pretty, and to
>else if she is plain."
>—Oscar Wilde
Hahaha that is one of the nicest quotes Iv'e ever read :)
Words of wisdom:
Get a girl wet and she'll be your pet!
Attraction is the tool that'll turn her into a fool!

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