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Tyler Durden Drones

mASF post by mrhviid

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Tyler Durden Drones
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mASF post by "mrhviid"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2004

On 4/20/04 5:50:00 PM, G-Menace wrote:
>This is getting fucking
>ridiculous. Why does it seem
>that people can't seem to
>think for themselves. Write
>your own fucking routines

Who says we don't?!?!? You're assuming to much here!

> Why is everybody going
>around calling every girl
>powerpuff girl.

Got my own spinoff version of that one. PowerGoth girls.... works like a charm
at my local rock-club!

"You are like little powerbuff girls... although you don't look like it. I
know... you are the powerGoth girls..."

You know what.... goth-girls giggle like all the other kinds of girls!!!

>When Jlaix posted his cheatsheet, and
>talked about putting it in his
>cellphone, some people flamed him.

Soooo....? I really don't think Jlaix gives a fuck...

>guess what, a lot of the routines are
>routines that he wrote, and that
>probably contributes a lot to his
>success, because he delivers it

Noooo.... you think so? Really? For real?!?!?

>Why is everybody still going around
>opening chicks with dental floss, or
>Style's jealous girlfriend?

Who is "everybody"? Please tell me/us...

>Its utterly
>ridiculous. If another PUA had run
>thesame routine on a set and you try to
>run the same shit, you will get blown
>out unless you're highly skilled. That's
>probably why a lot of PUAs can't get
>laid at the conventions.


>And guess what people, I can bet you
>guys that Tyler Durden, just like a lot
>of other people do not post their
>absolute best routines on ASF, so use
>your brains and come up with your own

When you say "other people" you must be talking about "other COMERCIALLY
involved" people, right?

Cause I really doubt that "lots" of people don't post their best stuff...

>You understand the concept
>already, so why do you guys still want
>to be spoonfed?

Do we? What is that assumption based on?

Dude.... Have it EVER crossed your mind that shitloads of people on this board
isn't native english speakers and thus can't use lots of the routines that are
posted here (without at least changing them or adapting them which often causes
the routine to end up as something completely different than the "original"?

Have you ever heard about "lost in translation". Do you know what it means?
Well... most people here knows what it is and acknowledge it.... Thus realizing
that they more or less have to come up with routines on their own!!!

Now, go get em...

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