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Lay Report: Super fine ASS drunk bitch (warning: kinky)

mASF post by ijjjji

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Lay Report: Super fine ASS drunk bitch (warning: kinky)
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mASF post by "ijjjji"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, October 10, 2003

Went pubbing last night. Turned out to be a thrilling experience..

(Break from sobering up since I had 2 glasses of white wine on my way out.)

Run in and out of a few pubs searching for HBs.

(Wednesday tend to be be kinda low on HBs. Thursdays OTOH tend to be like
fucking HB conventions (remember counting like 17 HBs in a small pub not long

As I'm about to leave pub#3 I see a SUPER CUTE blonde HB9 smiling. I stop and
give her the DDB. She stretches an arm towards me. I move closer. She puts it
around my neck and pull me close. Then she look me down and up licking her
lip.. and:

HB: Aaaaww.. you are the cutest thing I've seen tonight!
ijjjji: Hahaha - OMG that is so sweet of you!

I tell her I want to be her pet and run the "If I was your kitten, what would
you name me? If I followed you home, would you keep me? If I go with you
tonight, do you promise to feed me?" (got this from old Mystery post)

It fucking tears into her, cos she is total DDB and hugging and squeezing me
and rubbing her face against my face and neck. Her long blonde hair is
everywhere. I bite her neck, grab her ass with both hands and press my erection
against her pussy (she is on a bar stool) She whispers in my ear:

HB: Lets drink more in another place.
ijjjji: Yeah lets go!

Edit: Oops I forgot, I also did the "we are too similar.. IMAGINE if we were a
couple.. it would be like quarrel, fight, break up, make up sex, fight, sex,
fight, fight, sex.." (credit TD?) Lol, she looked at me like a fat kid looking
at a piece of cake..

(Up until this point I'm VERY pleased with myself. Maybe it was more her PU'ing
me, but even for that to go smoothly, you got to have some skill if she is
really hot. But here I start to fuck up a little..)

I grab her hand and turn towards the exit. I notice two guys at her table. They
are almost DDB'ing me - totally impressed :-) But I also notice HB has a full
beer. I point at it and she takes half in one huge sip, then pour the rest in
my mouth.

We start walking for the exit and I realize she has trouble walking.. She is
EMBALMED.. and I just made her drink more beer :-(

Her condition gets worse, and I get into a fucked up 'taking care that she
doesn't fall and injure herself' state and forget that I'm supposed to get her
to my place at this point since I got MOMENTUM and all.

So we go dancing next door and its crazy fun and I'm the rock star and she is
my groupie - her hands are all over me and I'm like "Behave bitch!" and she is
loving it and proceeds to push me into a chair and dry hump me and put my hands
on her breasts and more shit like that. We go to another pub and I try to pimp
her off to a group of 50 year old guys. Its crazy fun roleplaying! Then we do
more really dirty dancing, but I loose her in the middle and she falls and the
bar tender tell her to get some fresh air so we go outside. I look at her and
she is so fucking beautiful I feel like crying.. but then I realize I need to
take a leak. I put her against the wall and tell her to not move while I go
inside and take a leak. (I know saying this is very AFC, but this girl really
needed instruction)

So I go inside with anxiety that some fucker is gonna grab her while I'm away.
When I get back she is gone.. I run for the center of the street and hear her
behind me "I'm here - hello - over here!" I turn and cant see her.. then I spot
her behind a trash container - she is taking a leak too.. while smiling and
waving to me.

I dunno if this is tacky or something, but seeing her PERFECT PALE WHITE ASS
out in the open in the middle of the street REALLY turns me on. Sue me.. I'm
ass man.. I can't help it! So I move quickly over and put my hand on her ass
cheek. I swear that is the smoothest softest thing I ever touched - AMAZING
skin. She looks up at me like WTF!! and I go:

ijjjji: Sorry I HAD to! Your ass HYPNOTIZES me! (squeeze her ass to emphasize)
(This is a line I've used many times as AFC BTW..)
HBpee: You dirty man - help me up instead! (slightly annoyed)

So, I slide my hand down to her pussy and lift her up.. so I get pee on my hand
- who cares!!! I try to kiss her but she pushes me away and pull her pants up

HBpee: I want a drink! (This is soo typical for chicks who are drunk beyond
ability to walk)
ij: there is wine at my place.
HBpee: Where do you live?
ij: A house behind that building - lets go.

We start to move really slow in direction of my home. She stops to talk with
everyone and try to get into 3 pubs along the way but too drunk :-) but as we
leave the pub zone and enter a small park, she kinda realizes what is happening
and sits down.

HBpee: I want a drink!
ij: Ok we are nearly there.
HBpee: I don't want to go to your place!
ij: How about your place?
HBpee: My man is there.

I run a short BF destroyer about how he is probably worrying about her right
now staying awake waiting for her to come home, and how he is like that every
time she goes out and she agrees totally and start to get angry and say things
like "he is such a looser - why can't he trust me!" I reply with the 'he only
wants to own you 100% and he is so scared to loose you cos you are all he has
and he knows deep down inside you can get a better man. YOU SHOULD GO HOME

As I start this ACTIVE DISINTEREST I see attraction flame up in her eyes -
almost like she wants to eat me:

HBpee: But what about you? You are so lovely! You are the cutest man I've seen
ij: Nonono! Stop it! You can not do this to your man! Lets go find you a taxi
at once.
HBpee: But you are so beautiful. I want you to touch me.
ij: Nonono lets go find you a taxi!

I turn around to walk back and she grabs my legs as if she is drowning and I'm
a life buoy.

ij: Come now. Stop this foolishness.
HBpee: (Looks up at me with puppy dog eyes) but.. but I want you to touch me..
ij: Okok I'l touch you a little bit if you PROMISE to take a taxi home at once
after that. I'll touch you while we walk to the taxi.

She gets up and she is totally clingy. I put my hand down her pants and grab
her bare ass *total niceness* and we start walking back. But her ass really
hypnotizes me for real so I pull her in among some bushes by the road.

ij: Your ass is sooo nice - it HYPNOTIZES me - it says that I have to kiss it!
HBpee: (Starts to giggle) reallly?
ij: Yes..
HBpee: Ok (bends forward)

I squat behind her and start hugging and stroking her ass.

ij: Your ass tells me that I must kiss it without pants.
HBpee: Noo.. its too cold.
ij: Ok, lets go find your taxi then.
HBpee: Wait..

She pulls her pants half way down on her ass. I start to kiss, lick and bite
her ass cheeks. I pull her pants a little more until all her ass is out. I move
my fingers slowly towards her ass hole and start to massage it very gently
while i totally EAT her ass cheeks.

I move my hand towards her pussy and AAARGH!!! she stands up straight. I tell
her she has ASS POWER over me.. that I will do anything she wants me to as long
as I get to kiss her ass (Haha this is also old 'material' from my AFC days).
She pushes me down and sit in my lap facing me. I grab her ass again :-) I try
to move in for a kiss, but she hugs me instead.

HBpee: You are so beautiful. You should not be this beautiful. Why are you so

She looks kinda annoyed/freaked out and slightly sad.. WTF is this state -
anyone seen this shit?

I push a finger inside her ass.

HBpee: NO! Don't! (grab my arm)
ij: Your ass told me to do it - I have to obey - your ass is controlling me.
HBpee: Noo.. please..
ij: Relax.. I'm very careful.. see?

She tries to get up but I hold her. I start to lick her neck and stroke her
hair with my other hand. She goes kinda limp and moans softly. This whole 'ass
finger fucking in the park' scene kinda blows my mind and I got to take a deep
breath to prevent blowing my load.. I lick my way down towards her tits.
Suddenly se freaks out and pushes me away hard and gets up.

From here it starts to fall apart. In brief: She starts to sober up and seems
determined to not fuck me. I re attract her several times with active
disinterest and she complains more about me being 'so beautiful' and that I
should not be 'so beautiful' and she touches me and giggles etc but is not
cooperating at all.

She repeatedly said we should meet again in same place today. She made me
promise to be there etc.. We ended up taking a taxi together, and I really made
her say NO (credit Gunwitch) as I tried to pull her out of the taxi outside my


Maybe this does not qualify as LR, but to me the whole thing was so
kinky/sexy/mindblowing that its like LR++. The stuff I tell her about ass
control is pretty close to the truth. 'Quality female rear end' is clearly the
thing I love the most on this earth. The contrast between her silky white ass
and the surrounding darkness and rain was soo FUCKING MIND BLOWING TO ME. Ok,
I could go on and on but I think you got the point!

I have some thoughts on what I should have done different, but I want some
comments from others first. Pleeeeas give me some feedback.

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2003 by "ijjjji" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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