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Field Report: Fall Foliage

mASF post by AustinPowers

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Field Report: Fall Foliage
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mASF post by "AustinPowers"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, October 10, 2003

privateisland wrote:

>I read them. As I stated in another
>thread, I have been reading for over a
>year. I don't know what another week
>will change... ?

The main point is: You are not a special flower.

The second point is, stick to the subject-naming conventions.

The third (minor) point is, please at least make a FR post at least reasonably
compelling; there's like no information in there other than you met up with a
chick and got her #.

>but I guess I will be back in a week to
>reply to my thread.

Nobody's saying a week... just take a step back and realize that lurking for a
year is significantly different than shifting into posting mode. It doesn't
take much to sync with the guidelines, they're really not very restrictive...
they just help keep things organized & on-topic.

austin [[email protected]]

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