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Re: GW plans comments here.

mASF post by gunwitch

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Re: GW plans comments here.
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mASF post by "gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, October 10, 2003

On 10/8/03 5:10:00 AM, ijjjji wrote:
>the GWM!
>What you say about looking at
>what has actually gotten you
>laid and removing the rest cos
>its noise that prevent you
>from success with what works
>for you, is great!

Thanks a ton man.

>But I still think this is
>You put too much fluff around
>it and the rest is very arm
>chair/meta/useless to me.

You are what, the 7th top poster here by posts made? Wasnt trying to teach YOU
a way of thinking, or anyone for that matter. Wasnt trying to show people a
method of doing things or any sort of ethos. My point of these exercises is to
get guys who DONT analyze themselves in any logical fashion to do so, and to
the solidify their inner-game in a way by putting it down on paper. Wasnt
directed at you.

>-it belongs in general

Fair enough.

>-splitting it up like this is

Half truth. I aint selling anything with this as a promotion, so i guess its
"flooding". Wasnt aware that was against the rules except in chatrooms.

>-putting your name in title is

That go for all the gurus who do the same or just me?

>Thinking is easy. We don't
>need a plan for it!

YOU dont need a plan for it. Evidenced by your posting status. Wasnt an
attempt at a way of thinking to be taught. Its to help a guy get a congruence,
a set or "rules", an ethos he goes by, not jumbled up always changing, so
rapidly and frequent, thoughts that he cant form a straight forward plan to
move to the next level.

>If we need a plan, its for
>stuff like:
>-getting more out of armchair
>and into field

AFC plan.

>-getting talking to girls

AFC plan.

>-avoid ejecting prematurely at
>first sign of resistance

RAFC plan. GUYS KNOW they shouldnt be ejecting, they put this down as
something they will not do and it becomes part of their character to stick in
there because of doing so? Thats better than the thought only, "dont eject"
that can be abandoned at the next ethos taken in.

>-staying in field without
>letting fuck ups ruin
>-avoid becoming frustrated and
>needy after longer periods
>with limited success.
>These are the real challenges
>at different stages of PUA

TRUE, but they arent ingrained in the guy by KNOWING that, obviously or just
knowing it would make it applicable and easy to remember. You cant just do
affirmations of a set of these things, you need it to be YOU without the flaws
you know you have. Then applied as a not a part of your recall ability but as
who you recall yourself to be. It is the anathema of tactics and techniques, it
is the BEING of specifics and ways of thought, vs doing them.

I gotta stop watching star trek the next generation on Spike TV before i buy a
klingon suit and start going to conventions i suppose but heres a metaphor.

A guy cannot be "Data" the android and keep 50-100 things in his head at once
and use them all at the same time, he CAN however be a human, letting his
strength of character and ideals guide him, and his states that he achieves
because of them, serve to make him ANYTHING he wants to be in the moment.

Each character you have is full of 10(not exact just an example) states, each
ideal carries 100 ways of being as well for any given situation. These states
and ways of being are gonna be ALL the techniques you can't remember all the
things you are and show but dont realize. Beats out a few techniques of someone
else's character youve read and heard. Better to have REAL character, something
you really are that contains the answer to all specifics, just the right ones,
for you.

Trying to have the guys do a bit of reverse engineering as i think it was
tyler put it.

Guess its no problem to let the idea out of the bag, isnt a way to trick a guy
in to being what he wants, i just didnt wanna post the past 3-4 paragraphs to
explain this all rather than the actual ways to do it. Dont analyze this, do
the exercise, itll help you "be the human you want to be" rather than a guy
struggling to memorize a bunch of shit and put it into a package.

"make the ho say no"

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