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RE: Random notes from tonights sarging

mASF post by Mystery

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RE: Random notes from tonights sarging
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mASF post by "Mystery"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, May 5, 2003

>I've noticed that if I don't compliment the girl AFTER attraction, she flakes.

yes I JUST wrote about this in the lounge! Im excited about this. Ok, NEW
INSIGHT! it turns out that what we had, MEET, ATTRACT, QUALIFY, RAPPORT, etc is
almost right on, only that QUALIFY isn't just that. you see lets change the
name of that phase for X for now (we'll need a name). turns out, are we attract
them, they must attract US. This X phase is the polar opposite of the ATTRACT
phase. its not merely qualifying and in the context of this new objective for
the phase (no longer TRYING to make her meet our needs but rather making it
seem like she is TRYING to attract US), we need to look at ways to make her
feel like she has attracted us. we must design a way for her to convey her
personality (and yes, asking questions (formerly qualifying questions) and then
feed HER OUR IOIs.

its ATTRACT phase REVERSED! this is fucking exciting for me because this will
clean up so many bumpy bits in the formerly titled QUALIFICATION PHASE.

ok so we ARENT trying to qualify her. because in the attract phase, she isnt
really trying to qualify US. What we need to do is design a method for which
she can appear to US to be alpha. So you dont merely ASK (VERBAL!) "what
qualities do you possessthat would make me want to know you more", but rather
design a way for her to DEMONSTRATE these qualifies. So, what qualities do you
WANT in a woman? now, lets build a way for her to DEMONSTRATE those qualities.
stay! (however, I give MAD PROPS to RJ for even discovering that we must
QUALIFY HER!!!! thanks!)

ok so now its brainstorming time. we need the in-field TOOLS now to complete
the phases objectives. here's a thought to get us started:

we dont just compliment her. a compliment is an IOI we give to her. lets look
at the IOIs we look for from her while in ATTRACT PHASE and then figure out
what we must do to 'encourage' her DEMONSTRATE those characteristics we find
attractive so that we can GENUINELY give her IOIs (and yes, complimenting is
one type of IOI, so is touching, and all the other things we already know so
much about).

see where Im coming from? all the stuff we know about ATTRACTION can now be
applied to X phase.

any naming conventions you suggest for this phase in MM?


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