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Review: Mystery Seminar/Workshop in LA
mASF post by Mystery

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Review: Mystery Seminar/Workshop in LA
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mASF post by "Mystery"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, August 8, 2004

I just had the Elle photoshoot for the article yesterday and it went well,
though they straightened my hair and I looked so freakin' goth or something. My
girlfriend was shot in a bikini by the pool and also in a beautiful dress I
bought her on her first visit to Hollywood. Wow.

At one point the photographer wanted to put on Nirvana to shoot to but I said
"That's weird." She said, "Why?" "Well, Courtney Love used to live with us so
it just feels weird." She was like, "Well she's not here now", so I put it on.
Just then Style's GF who's in Courtney's band came downstairs. There was an
awkward pause in the air haa. Later in the evening Courtney dropped by and gave
Tyler D. a big wet kiss on the mouth in front of a girl he is dating haa. And
then she kissed me so now I have big wet Tyler D. germs!

My GF and I then took some 'photos' for her Playboy Magazine application. We
rounded it down to 8 photos. Mmm.

Love Mystery (and Mystery's GF)

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