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The ART of having fun

mASF post by Flin

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The ART of having fun
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mASF post by "Flin"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2004

This post is gonna be killer...

>I'll bounce around, smile like crazy,
>make cocky/funny faces at girls or in
>the mirror, take huge deep breaths to
>become more aware, hold my head up,
>stick out my tongue, talk with my
>fun/party/excited tonality, listen to
>"Amber" by 311 or other jams, and BAM
>I'm ready to roll!
>I also try to do fun things. Like just
>30 minutes ago my roommate walked in all
>stoned, a bit down cuz it's a shitty day
>out. I told him to come with me to the
>gas station. We made 4 snowballs each
>and chucked them at people walking the
>streets. It was fun as hell.

For me it's like being is some sort of trance. The thoughts I have at such
moments seem totally logical, when I think of these things later on they don't
always seem to hit ground. This means there is something I'm not aware of.

Maybe it's a mental thing caused by something physical. I must say that the
last time I got very successful was after a very intensive rugby training.
After a special occasion, like things that got me emotionally really excited, I
seem to get into that fun mode more often.

If I look back, the state that meant fun mode for me a few years ago, means
NORMAL state to me now.
It's like, doing A LOT of 'special' stuff makes it less special. Special
experiences stand out, they're different than your everyday life experiences.
And to not get bored you constantly need "special" things.
Just like girls in the club. They get bored if you can't excite them, and they
wander off to do something more exciting. Stimulus seeking state change

This is a positive thing, it keeps you seeking for novelty. Improves and
invents your skills.
Novel experiences seem to cause a certain impact, which releases natural
chemicals (or drugs, whatever you want to call them) in the brain. Conclusion:


Wow. Just do things that get you excited, expand your borders bit by bit. Your
state goes rises through the ceiling AND you get super cool new experiences.

If you throw snowballs to people everyday, it gets boring, no excitement at
all. You need EXCITEMENT, this leads to the experience of "fun."
Maybe you should try throwing sick cows at people one day... ("fetchay la
vache!" -Monty python and the holy grail :) Yeah..., at least it gets YOU
Every time you want to get in state you need to turn the volume up

Man, one day you'll be as relentless as a fucking ROCK STAR, and be totally
congruent with it. Wouldn't that be cool. You'll be stalked by Courtney Love
AND Pamela Anderson...

>Then we met up with my one photographer
>buddy and he took all kind of funny
>pictures for a us
>fake-stalking the little kids that got
>off of the school bus next door. And me
>climbing trees, which brings me around
>to this: FUCKING EXERCISE. -Instant
>state lifter.

What is it with exercise anyway?
You're exploring and expanding the borders of the power of your own body...

This off course doesn't specifically apply to your body, to grow -those-
muscles. ALL of your skills are muscles. They works the same way. If you train
them they get stronger, if you don't keep them exercised they weaken. So to be
a 'body builder' or 'buff' you need to grow muscles.

I learned something in PR class today:

FIRST think where you want to go, what you're aim is, WITHOUT thinking within
any borders.

THEN test this ambition (idea/project) in the real world and find out how much
you can reach. See where your borders are at the moment.

You'd like to see what's possible outside "the box" first, before you're
limiting yourselves.

You can't reach your goal in one step. You need to experience a certain process
of expanding you borders. Takes steps.

You can't be a 'buff' rockstar overnight. Hell, maybe you find out that you
can't even be a rockstar, maybe you should divert the ambition a bit into
something else than a rockstar. Maybe you could be the best librarian the world
ever had, and get laid.

I'm thinking of Mystery's post "Mystery's Personal Identity and Opening, with a
body-language aside..." (Link:,23) because this is very
much about developing a personality.

On your way to be a really good librarian: there must be a natural»/genetical
process in everybody that causes a "superman" state when you're exploring your
borders. Just to pick up stuff better, make your learning experiences more
intense, be more alert., maybe this one single quality has created civilization... ;)

So, BE NOVELTY SEEKING. Where have I heard this before... It's so fucking true,
even if it's not genetically a quality of yours ("novelty seeking" seems to be
a genetical thing), you can still *learn* this. Just by putting yourself to the
test, get exited, feel the chemicals rushing and be in state.


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