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Sometimes you have to just break all the rules.
mASF post by gabriel

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Sometimes you have to just break all the rules.
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mASF post by "gabriel"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, November 11, 2001

Not sure which of the groups to put this one in.. sort of techniques,
sort of field report.. oh well.

First of all... Time shift back to my Pre-ASF days as AFC.. Local club..

Nice looking lass, HBHole (for want of a better name) She looks like Courtney
.. And thats my
type :-) Me, being AFC actually approached for once in my life...
Crashed and Burned .. No surprise really..

A few months of coming across ASF, RTF'ing M, Etc.... Things are starting
to improve.. Im getting the hang of the street pick-ups and the quiet
coffe-shop types.. Im still not too much cop in clubs.. (Mystery, wanna
come to England.. Ive got a spare room, and I'll introduce to to the
delights of Warm Beer)

Cut to club, Last Saturday...

HBHole, talking to a guy who looks like a shorter, Fatter, Elton John...
??? (Turns out, she had been set up on a blind date by another friend).
Anyway, heres what I did..

#### Completely Broke the 3 Second rule...
I waited a good hour until she looked completely bored with this guy
before approaching. (I was sarging others in the meantime.. for the
"Cold" Approach
"Hi, havnt seen you down here for a little while".. etc..
#### No EV, No Patterns, just talking crap.. and being nonplussed by
"anyway, nice to meet you again, gotta go talk to another friend"
Further hour passes, she has f**ked off AFCElton and is talking to
another guy.. 6 foot 4, handsome, Rugby Player.. would make a great PUA
if he had some intelligence... :-)
#### No closing whatsoever..
myself, my wing and two B7's were about to leave the club, so I thought I
would try something else..
#### Gave her my number ???
Wrote my number on a piece of paper, walked up to her while she was with
AFCRugby just placed the paper in her hand and said "If you feel like
using it do" And Walked away.

Wednesday Evening.. Recd A TXT Message from her saying..
"Well, I admire your confidence"
So, I continued with the...
"What Made you call, I wasnt expecting you to"
"Why Not...?"
"Its not often I give my phone number out to strange girls"
"Im not that strange"
"Youve just phoned up a complete stranger.!, You might as well stop
texting and actually speak to me.."
sixty seconds later, the phone rings... Now I know Ive got her.. My best
asset is my phone voice... Well, the entire evening was like the phone scene
"The truth about cats and dogs"
arranged to see her thursday night for a quiet drink...

BINGO ! - He Shoots, He Scores..

Sometimes you just have to break the rules... or did I "Get Lucky" ????

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