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Lay Report: i cant stop it, man(pics)

mASF post by nichols

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Lay Report: i cant stop it, man(pics)
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mASF post by "nichols"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

>Let´s talk
>fb´s: 4 fb´s fully operational
>plus 3 newly laid girls
>pushing to join the team. Is
>this not a harem tell me what
>the fuck is. Rotation baby. I
>can actually fuck a different
>girl everyday of the fucking

Damn that rocks. That's my goal right there.

>Anyway I am not a big day 2
>guy. Actually I don’t do
>them..i think if you do day
>2’s your game is weak. I used
>to think that. Not anymore
>after this lay.

Yeah I always thought if it gets to day 2 there's less of a chance to get laid
cuz the girls is a "good girl" and will want a couple dates and some romance
before giving it up. But this story is an inspiration...maybe there is hope for
day 2's

>I can see the
>power of day 2´s in term of
>confort and trust shit.
>Anyway we have an interesting
>convo on the phone on monday.
>She called me and I acted as
>if she was a friend I was
>getting advice from and I said
>I had met this girl on
>saturday and she was a good
>kisser and she had potential
>and what did she advice me to
>do about her? She jumped into
>this roleplay immediately and
>actually gave me a few tips
>about how to treat this
>“particular girl”(who was her
>by the way). Actually I asked
>her if I should kiss the girl
>right off the bat when I see
>her on my day 2. she said
>ofcourse that if I didn’t kiss
>her it would wreck the vibe
>and be weird.

Lol, love this stuff.

>Brunette:not gonna happen
>today. It is not the right
>Ox: I wasn’t thinking about
>that. What were you thinking
>Brunette: wtf?
>Ox: yeah, you have a dirty
>Brunette: well..
>Ox: I don’t think we would
>work in bed anyways.
>Brunette: really? Why are you
>so sure?
>Ox: well you are such a good
>girl…I don’t think I can
>Brunette: I am not a good
>girl. I am sometimes bad…
>Ox: I don’t know

Man, you're so good at this. If you were a mortal kombat character, I think
this would be your finishing move. Tried this a week ago on a girl at a club
that wasn't that into me and afterwards she explained to me that this
psychology doesn't work on her while grabbing my ass.

> I just say
>“let´s go now”. We walk to my
>car. As soon as we get in the
>car she fucking rapes me.

I've always wondered how you do the car extractions. Whenever I get a chick in
the car with me and try to make out it's kinda uncomfortable and I can't
imagine how I would ever turn it into sex. Any tips?

>dick went south because it was
>tired from the 3 hour horny
>section before. Still manage
>to fuck her.(my 5th car
>extraction, credit loverboy
>for extraction tactics). When
>we finish she asked me the
>question that was bugging her.
>“do still think we don’t work
>out in bed”. My answer. Yeah I

haha, bet she never heard that one before.

Ox, keep up the posts man I'm learning alot from each one!

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