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Re: Jewelry and masculinity

mASF post by excession

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Re: Jewelry and masculinity
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mASF post by "excession"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

narcissus wrote:

> Few days ago I discussed with my female friend idea of having earring. In her
> opinion it will decrease my masculinity in her eyes. Is it true in general or
> only her own preference? What kind of jewelry is proper for peacocking?

Eh? I've had one for 25 years and I've never noticed it having any
kind of negative effect.

The fashion for men having earrings dates back a long way to when
sailors would have a golden one that would supposedly pay for the
price of their burial should they drown and their bodies be washed
ashore. Several other groups have a long history of wearing them, too:
gypsies, various African tribes (including the awesome Zulu warriors).

Personally, I think it's lke almost anything you wear or do: if you
wear it or do it congruently in a masculine way, it's gonna come over
as masculine. Hell, I wear four silver rings and a silver bracelet.
I'm told by men it looks gay, but women love it and I have no shortage
of pussy.



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