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mASF post by enigma_crux

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mASF post by "enigma_crux"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Lemme just say that this is amazing dude… I just finished reading all of it…
Don’t pay any attention to the naysayers. Your shit is tight. You should
include more references and evidence to support your ideas. That shouldn’t be
difficult. There is no need for you to adopt a college jargon and scientific
tone of voice. I love the radical honest. I want to put together my own book
about pick-up and document my travels and involvement in the community.

I have been thinking about this subject A LOT myself. After this past year
working on myself and getting familiar with the community, the lingo, the mates
and expanding my social circle… I have come to this conclusion. No woman is
worth the sacrifice of all of this. Women are approached. Men do the
approaching. If you find that so-called special one, you are throwing all the
time you have invested in the community away. That’s how I see it… I strongly
believe in polygamy and when it is time for me “to settle,” which will be in my
early 50’s, I am marrying bisexual women and continuing to add more women to
the family. The characters in the Old Testament did it, so why the deuce can’t
I??? I am an extremely loving, artistic and passionate person… I see no problem
with sharing these qualities with more multiple women… I have already told some
of my current dates about this mindset and they were completely fascinated by
it. Hell, I might even turn into a Mormon if I am questioned by the
authorities… Hahahahhha…. Who is with me???

Name: Andy Rodriguez
Nicknames: enigma_crux, Enigma???, enigmatic_id, little peacock joe, Sleazy
Nick, camouflaged jimmy, A1010195, Dying New Yorker
Email: eni***d@ho***.com[ ? ], aar***8@co***.edu[ ? ], eni***x@ho***.com[ ? ]
AOL Instant Messenger: Sleazy Nick, A1010195, Dying New Yorker

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