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Re: wtf?she broke up with me. need feedback

mASF post by finalD

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Re: wtf?she broke up with me. need feedback
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005


A. There's this one girl.

B. She's not very desirable.

C. I acted like a lame-ass wussy AFC.

D. Lots of extraneous details.

E. I have not read the manual or the posting guidelines.

F. Please explain her behavior to me.



centralcali wrote in news:[email protected]:

> Background: I met my gf off friendster. she is 21. here is the article
> i wrote on her
> n=1112176490215402 she is a lse (and lsd) girl. i was the first bf she
> ever had. i met her in late march. she asked to be my bf in early
> april. she told me in may she loved me and wanted to marry me. i said
> yes i would marry her. in the middle of june she goes to the
> phillipines to see her mom. she is gone a month.
> While she is in the phillipines we talk for only 4 minutes on
> the phone
> (it cost too much to talk to her long distance). when she comes back
> (a month later) from the ohillipnies i text message her, 'welcome
> back...i miss u". she does not respond to my text message. i call her
> 2 days later. we talk for 1 min. cause she is working. she text
> messages me later that night and says she will text message me
> tomorrow when we will meet. she never texted messaged me (when
> tomorrow came). i text message her asking is she busy? and why she did
> not text message me back. two days later i text message her monday
> (which is yesterday) mourning. i tell her i had a great weekend with
> my friends. she does not text message back.
> I go over to where she lives (she lives with relatives) with
> some
> flowers. she asks where is my kiss. i giver her a kiss. i suggest we
> eat, so we go eat dinner at a resturant. she says she has something to
> tell me but its not bad. she tells me i will tell you after we eat.
> after we eat we get to my car. She says things like'I have to break up
> with you, cause of my family. My family needs me(blah, blah). its not
> you, its me. i dont think i love you, etc." puas what does this mean
> in woman talk?
> After she talks to me (and i tell her im heartbroken) she asks
> me to
> drop her off at her aunts house. on the way to her aunts, she asks me
> if we could be her friends. i said ok. i need friends because i dont
> have a soical circle and i know soicial circle is important in pua. I
> then start do (non-needy) dlv tactics on her. i tell her its best she
> broke up me because im no good for her anyaways. i told her i could
> help her get some cool dates and help her find someone way better than
> me. these comments obviously shock her and these comments i made
> bothered (because she was expecting me to say something different and
> needy). my dlv commects obvioulsy worked. when we get to her aunts
> house she asks 'where is my kiss?' then she says 'oh yea [were borken
> up]'. I tell her you cant kiss me that would ruin our friendship.
> Puas give me feedback and comments.
> by the way, "why do you think she broke up with me?"

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in
higher esteem those who think alike than those who think

Friedrich Nietzsche

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