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Re: London PUAs featured on BBC1 science show

mASF post by docandwriter

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Re: London PUAs featured on BBC1 science show
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mASF post by "docandwriter"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Did you tape it? Where can we get a copy?



The Comet wrote:

> I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, but the London Seduction
> Society was featured in a prime-time BBC programme "Secrets of the Sexes"
> last night (summary at end of message). A pretty interesting watch - none of
> the theories about facial features attraction was proven, but the results
> showed that an hourglass figure in women and height in men were the main
> factors in initial attraction - muscularity did not play a factor in this
> case. Anyway, there were three guys from the LSS using material recognisably
> from here, such as "I'm an arse model" as an answer to "what do you do?".
> The only reaction shown from women afterwards was disdain ("he loved
> himself", "a complete arse" etc.); no matches were made with the three PUAs,
> an explanation proffered by one of them being that he was being choosy and
> didn't put many women down. As it turned out, out of 60 speed dates (20 for
> each PUA), one woman expressed an interest in dating one of the LSS members.
> Out of the rest, most of the guys seemed to get a match or two.
> TC
> Attraction
> Sunday 24 July 2005, 9pm BBC One
> Can science predict sexual attraction? In a ground-breaking experiment, a
> team of scientists orchestrate a unique speed date with a hundred singletons
> to test their theories - with unexpected results. The scientists analyse our
> speed-daters bodies, faces, and psychological and social profiles to find
> out what the key predictors of sexual chemistry really are.
> Looking for love is 32-year-old Beth Eagland. She's on a mission to find a
> husband but after four years of singles parties and surfing the net she has
> struck out. Peter Kerr is a 37-year-old politics lecturer who can never get
> beyond being just friends.
> Our scientists believe they can find them the perfect mate where orthodox
> match-making methods have failed.

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