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Day 2 Ideas for potential FBs??

mASF post by stereomike

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Day 2 Ideas for potential FBs??
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mASF post by "stereomike"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I frame all of my relationships into FB's since I don't want anything serious.

I used to do day2's by going out for drinks, but that seems like a waste of
money and time to me now. Instead what I do is I'll chat with a girl on the
phone for about 15 minutes then entice her to come over to hang out, usually to
watch a movie. If she can't come over I'll call her another time and chat her
up and get her to come over. I don't plan "dates", meaning that I will never
make a plan to see someone in advance, all of my "dates" are spur of the

I always make the girl come to my house, because I want her to do the work to
get my dick so I automatically gain value in her eyes.

Don't believe that all day2's have to involve doing something like rock
climbing or going out for drinks. Just hanging out at your place is good

I'm starting to take the concept of "don't pay for her meal/drinks" one step
further, the reason we don't pay is because we want her to be with us because
she enjoys our company, not because she is getting a free meal. I apply this
concept to activities too, she isn't with me because we are doing a fun
activity, she wants to be with me even when we are doing absolutely nothing
because she wants to hang with me and she wants me to fuck her.

I think this is a good frame for FBs because it is non-romantic and its what
they really enjoy.

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