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LMR new techniques and questions

mASF post by sreomon

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LMR new techniques and questions
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mASF post by "sreomon"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Background: Have been going out with HBBrownEyes, and taking my time because I
view her as potential LTR material. Dates were as follows: first time: went for
coffee, she calls me later that night over to her place we lit some fireworks
and I spent the night (roommate was out of town) *closed/dry humping lol, third
time: ice skating, fourth time: espnzone/arcade, fifth time: my place
dinner/movie *kiss/fingered LMR.

I am getting better with LMR and beginning to learn some new tricks on my own
(see below). In order of occurrence:

1. Started making out and I notice her wanting to kiss me more, I pulled away
and said, "You like kissing me don't you..." (Credit, hbhawaii/9 said that to
me)...she laughs/hits me, "you so cocky, omg"

2. Problem: Every time I kissed her on the neck/ear/tits she backs away because
she is VERY ticklish. I've met some girls that are ticklish, but she is very
sensitive. I feel like I can't get her hot n' horny by simply kissing her on
the lips. I tried just using my lips and no tongue which helps but it’s not the
same. I could just start rubbing her pussy, but I don't want to jump to that
from making out. What else can I do? Or how can I make her feel less ticklish?

3. I told her to Bite my neck, she didn't do it right, so I corrected her, and
taught her how to do it correctly. (Credit, style) Taking on the role of
teaching her to be sexier. Another $$$$ technique I learned from DYD and added
onto, I put her hand near my crotch and she played around for a bit, but then I
moved it away, "hey what are you doing your not allowed to touch that yet, plus
I haven't taught you how to hold it yet..." So then she asked to be taught I
told her the first lesson is "holding", got her to get a nice firm grip of my
dick and then lesson 2, "petting", she started stroking it, I corrected her,
"hey your going past the speed limit...slow down” I guess lesson 3 would be
kissing, and lesson 4 would be kissing and petting, lesson 5, "your REALLY
favorite flavor lollipop" sucking it off. I could have fun with this, any
thoughts on what I could call some of the lessons when I teach chicks how to
give great head (to me)? I need a better name/idea for lesson 5????

4. Childish play, "I would grab her hand and move it on my chest and say "can
you feel it", she likes it, and then I reach over and say, "ok, my turn" and
put my hands on her boobs, she laughs and pulls away and says "but my chest is
a little different from your chest", my reply, "yes, it is, you've been working
out your chest muscles much more than I have" Also, I also reenacted
funny/dorky things she would do, and make her look like a total dork. These
things really helped build her comfort while in bed with me.

5. She is to ticklish on the neck/tits/ear so, I started rubbing her pussy
through her panties, she was getting excited and I started to finger her, she
grabs my hand and push it away but I keep it there because she was moaning and
liking it. Eventually, she starts to support the same hand she was pushing
away. As she finds her self getting really into it, she pushes my hand away,
and I stop and say, "I understand". We cuddle for a bit, and start over again.

6. Same as above in step 5, but this time I said, "I understand" and then got
out of bed, and got some water and asked if she wanted some. Then get on the
computer in my room, played some music and checked email. The next thing is
$$$$, I went into the pictures I had on my computer and started showing her
pictures of my travels and pictures of a wedding I went to last year and my
family. Afterwards she says, "I feel like I've met your whole family." $$$$$,
more loving followed up afterwards.

7. Problem: I worked up to fingering her for a bit and then some humping and
then said, "I want to be safe" and reached for a condom, but before I was about
to rip it she stops me, and says "I'm not sure I want to do this tonight..." I
say "OK", and rip the package and strap on my condom. More dry humping, I
*should* have just put it in, but continued with humping Sad She stops me
again, "I don't want to do this tonight" I guess this means no tonight but in
the near And I do a half-ass job of telling her my 3 rules of
sex, and she stops me this point I'm fucking TIRED and have to be at
work, we snuggle up, go to sleep and I drop her off at the metro in morning on
my way to work.

Final thoughts: I am doing better with LMR, but that last 2 minutes I feel I
need to be even MORE aggressive and when I do the "I understand" I need to pull
away HARDER and not just stop and snuggle. Would also appreciate some thoughts
on her being sooo ticklish that I can't kiss her on the neck/ear/tits to get
her hot n' horny (#2). How can I make her feel less ticklish? Other options for
getting her hot n' horny? Also comments/feedback on step #7 would be
appreciated. For step #3, I need better lesson names??? Thank you.


email: sre***n@gm***.com[ ? ]
"Love the game, and play everyday."
Washington, DC

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