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Re: Hot older HBs no wonder some of them are single!!

mASF post by Raaf

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Re: Hot older HBs no wonder some of them are single!!
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mASF post by "Raaf"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

I hit this post a little late, but I don't see it so much as this chick is a
headcase as much as you played your cards wrong.

If a woman is 30 and she can get any guy she wants, she is going to try and
screen them for the best guys possible. She goes on a shitload of dates and
has seen all types of guys.

From her perspective, she HAS to screen you, in order to find out if you're
worthy to be with her.

Now onto this bullshit about her putting time limits on when you can hang out,
what you can do, etc was a shit test. She was trying to see how you would
respond. If you responded with ANYTHING but calling her on her bullshit, you
would have failed.

This includes ***ACCEPTING HER TERMS! She blows you off to go hang out with
someone else, then you go and hang out with her anyways??? That is desperation
my friend! A girl needs to RESPECT you before she sleeps with you!

This post isn't about female psychology, it's really just a FU report about how
not to call women on their bullshit.

Read the GUIDE, but the basic rules are,

-show that you are not phased by it
-demand more respect for yourself

I have been dating a girl recently and she kept pulling the same shit on me,
and when she called me up I said to her, as a perfect gentlemen, something like
"You're playing games with me. You say you want to see me and then you don't
call me back, or you call me at 11 pm, way too late to do anything. If you
actually want to get to know me better, then you are going to have to start
showing me that. Getting together with me will need to be a higher priority
than going for drinks with your boss, etc."

I wasn't upset with the tonality. But she was totally receptive and now she is
chasing me, but I don't think I'm interested anymore.

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