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mASF post by James M

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online profile-experimnet
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mASF post by "James M"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Upon reading it over again, i've decided to add a few things... but then i
changed my mind. Hell... i say ignore us all, and try out the profile... not
sure what the guy who posted before this post, is smoking, but obviously you
arn't making an mASF profile for us to read. Its clearly for online dating

Give it a shot, see how it does... if it doesn't get any results move on to a
more congruent system.

PS from experience with online profiles, mix'n'matching other peoples shit, is
a bad idea. Make your own creative style... just make sure it follows these

DOES NOT SAY "IM A BIG WUSSY" in anyway shape or form.
It's congruent to how you are in reality...
Show your prefrences (so not to sound needy), and the typical exceptions (EI:
you like blondes, but if they are fun enough you might let their brown hair go
this time around)
ITS NOT BORING!!. crack a joke or two, C&F is great on profiles. Tell an
interesting story out of the blue in the middle of it. its all money.

just my .02

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