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Hot older HBs no wonder some of them are single!!

mASF post by OceanEyes

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Hot older HBs no wonder some of them are single!!
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mASF post by "OceanEyes"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/11/05 12:11:00 AM, Sirducer wrote:
>I decided to email her and let
>her know how I felt :)

But, you didn't tell her how you felt.
You offered her LOGICAL ADVICE.

>Me to her:
>Hey just a little tip for you
>in the future with men,
>When you make plans with
>men/guys/boys, stick to the
>plan, do not
>flake or mix in other plans
>whether its planned (and
>forgotten) or
>forced into it intentionally,
>you will be surprised how much
>easier it
>will be for you to find
>someone who is actually cool
>and worthy of you
>spending time with.

Logical advice. You have now insulted her.

>If you keep this up with what
>you did with me and Im pretty
>sure with
>other guys also you will be
>single for a long time! You
>might think it
>makes you that much more
>appealing to them but from
>what I can tell
>the majority cbf with it :)

More insults.

>Take it easy!
>She replies with:
>Excuse me but what have I
>I went to the pub with my
>FLATMATE not a guy. It was
>planned for weeks.
>I had not originally planned
>to see you that day as you
>know. I was sick
>Friday which is the reason
>plans changed. I did not
>deliberately ditch
>you on the Friday.
>Why are you attacking me like
>this?? Can you explain this to
>me as I am
>a little offended!!!

No, she is massively offended way out of
proportion to your email.

>This was a really mean message
>and I actually liked you a lot
>before I

No, it wasn't mean, it was logical.
This chick has zero comprehension
of male psychology.

>received this. I am so
>OFFENDED. It's absolutely

No, it's logical.

>What did I do?????????????
>I asked you to the pub. I
>wanted you to come. What the
>hell was this
>message! And for the record,
>who are you to judge me and my
>with guys when you know
>NOTHING about me!!!!

See how the logic of your email
offends her emotions?

Your email puts in black and white that
she has really shitty game, which she
"knows" intellectually, but refuses to
take emotional responsibility for. She
probably complains about "Where are all
the good men?" Thus she feels judged.

Also, you have put yourself the prize
and broken her frame. The mere fact that
you would consider offering her dating
advice is offensive to her on many, many
levels. Most fundamentally, your email
gave her the feeling that she's passed her
expiration date.

>If the reason you have
>attacked me like this is
>because I didn't reply
>to Monday's email then
>1. I have been off sick this

She didn't "feel" good.

>And 2. for some reason it went
>straight to my junk email
>folder. I only
>found it yesterday.
>How appropriate NOW!!!

Uh huh, sure it did.

>I replied with:
>hey MILF,
>relax dude, dont bite my head
>off. :)
>i simply mentioned what i
>thought was appropriate and
>called for. if u
>think it was mean then you
>need to grow up as it wasnt,
>more so as you
>assumed i was trying to flame
>you whereas i was just
>offering you
>u seem very tense lately...
>chill out.
>Haha poor girl... that seemed
>to have triggered her off.

I don't email or reply to chicks like this
anymore. They have too much unresolved
anger for my taste. They don't get a second
chance, and they don't get cock.

In my experience, most single chicks
35+ have way worse game than men. Sure they
can still go out and get laid, but hanging
on to even an AFC boyfriend gets tougher and
tougher. Finding a husband gets much harder,
much faster. A guy with little game goes a
long way in this age group.

Nowhere in either email did you
tell her HOW YOU FELT! You did not share
your feelings!

I have to credit Franco's and
PlayerSupreme's posts for the insight
allowing me to understand what's going
on with situations like this, which I
have been in several times myself.



OE's First Law: Any sufficiently long thread on mASF devolves into a flame war
about SS.

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