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God I fucking hate bitches.

mASF post by Jimbo

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God I fucking hate bitches.
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mASF post by "Jimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

after reading your post at least two different possibilities come to my mind.
In order of higher probability of fitting your case:

1.- Women are not bitches. They are just bitches TO YOU.


Because as you said, "you are a nice guy".

But as a nice guy, you show too much rage and frustration toward them just
because they act bitchy, and rage and frustration are not precisely the traits
of a nice person.... therefore you are NOT a nice guy. You just act nice to

And that is the point. You act nice to them while you are not really a nice
guy. You experience rage, and frustration, and sexual desires, and all those
other NORMAL things a normal human experiences. Yet you try to act nice to
them. And logically, they perceive that as incongruous and dishonest. And they
are right. So acting highly bitchy to you is just the proper way of getting rid
of you. And it seems like it is working!.

Think about it.

Solution: Stop acting nice to them. Act normal in concordance with your
feelings, needs and desires. Do you treat differently women than men generally
talking?. Stop that shit. Be a man. Not a nice substitute of a man.

BTW, why should any woman give you her number when you ask for it?. Just
because you are good-looking and nice?. Maybe they are more picky than you...
Does it hurts you?. Well, i find picky women very appealing. In fact, usually
they are more intelligent than average.

2.- You are just taking too seriously a normal bitchy attitude of flirting

Birds cheep, dogs bark, and women.... well... they do what they do, among other
things they act bitchy in certain circumstances. What's wrong with dogs
barking?. Does it disturb you?. Get away from dogs or learn to accept then and
enjoy what they have to offer. Same about women.

There is a third possibility... but i'm not going to get into it now... I bet
the first one applies to your case pretty good.



On 8/6/05 8:34:00 PM, Legion5 wrote:
>I mean seriously what the
>fuck. This is more of a rant
>for me.
>I'm a nice a guy I don't like
>to be mean to people, but I've
>come to the conclusion that
>all women are insane bitches
>that live to fuck with men.
>They are all fucked up and
>EVERY one of them suck.
>It's disgusting.
>I've dated the likes of Paris
>Hiltons best friend from when
>she was 1(more like 3)-14 (the
>other girl, so however old
>paris was then), Miss Teen USA
>Maryland, and countless other
>small time models, and an
>Actress, but not just any
>models, models the "normal"
>models, would be Jelous of, I
>mean famous ones, like one
>right off the catalogue of a
>Nordstroms spread.
>but nooo.
>I have to be a nice guy and I
>don't descriminate against
>women. I'll even date ones
>that are not nessisarily
>Did I meantion I'm hot? I get
>that from women all the time,
>and even a girl who says I'm
>Yet still they FUCKING shit
>test me and play games??????
>What the hell. Are you fucking
>out of your mind, I'm ALREADY
>doing a favor dating you, and
>you need to find out if I'm
>cool or not. How god dam
>disrespectfull is that. It
>makes me want to drop those
>bitches like they were white
>hot coals.
>God fucking dam. EWW.
>It's like fucking with guys is
>PRE-PROGRAMED into women's
>heads so they do it 24/7.
>In fact I'm willing to bed,
>the MOST average girl EVER,
>would shit test Brad Pit if he
>wasn't famous and dated her.
>I mean what the fuck do I
>REALLY, have to have 4 women
>around me being like, oh I
>want him I want him! For her
>to make the choice obvious.
>Eh this is kinda wierd, I hate
>the whole bragging/fronting
>bull shit people do.
>but it REALLY is true, no
>matter how cool something else
>is, if you don't PURPOSELY
>show that OTHER people,
>possibly people cooler than
>you want it. No one cares.
>How fucked up is that. How
>greedy and competition driven,
>a bunch of bastards does every
>human have to be to think like
>EWWW. It just disgusts me.
>Ok I'm done with it now, but
>it bothers me how the 7 hours
>fuck rule, and 3 minute phone
>number rule, "oh it's ok to
>give it" applies to every
>girl, oh wups unless you're
>famous, no matter how hot you
>I mean come the fuck on. ARG!
>Anyway so what happened was I
>was among a group of guys, and
>there was this UG, most guys
>would consider her hot but I'm
>picky, anyway, I just asked
>for her number, and she
>wouldn't give it to me, she
>was like "why?" (hmmm maybe
>because I want to talk to you
>later??? Oh shit!) (and this
>wasn't the you're so cool why
>do you want me thing, like
>they wouldn't beleive It was
>happenening and wasn't in
>their reality, I was being
>At that point I was like ah
>fuck it, nevermind. Litelraly
>what I said. That soooooo
>fucking bothered me.
>Anyway I guess I have a
>question, one what are your
>guys thoughts?
>and two, what are some ways,
>real or illusioned to give off
>the impression that other
>people cooler than them, want
>I mean I guess this goes back
>to the looks REALLY don't
>matter, she just treats you
>nicer initially, it's all
>personality thing, but I mean
>come on, I have an AWESOME
>personality too, as long as
>you don't annoy the crap out
>of me.
>and I know the looks don't
>matter thing really is true,
>because I used to be not so
>great looking if you catch my
>Whatever. I expect to see
>posts, because the topic to
>reply rate is Dismal here...
>- Resident mASF asshole.

"The reason of the unreason that afflicts my reason, in such a manner weakens
my reason that I with reason lament me of your comeliness." - Don Quijote de la

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