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Strip Club # Close

mASF post by nichols

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Strip Club # Close
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mASF post by "nichols"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Hey everyone, I was driving down the street today and I was thinking about some
of Ox's advice and other people's advice so I said I'de go into a strip club
and try out some game on one of the ladies. They won't violently blow me out
because they want my money, they are a captive audience because it's their job
to talk to me, they are hot, and as long as you keep your head moderately
together in those places you can get out without losing too much money.
Specifically on going there I was thinking I would try to imply some of Ox's
line "You're not a very good kisser are you?" and I also just wanted to
separate myself from all the guys they usually talk to.
I went in and sat down and this 9 comes over and sits next to me and asks for
my name. I gave it to her and we started talking about where we were from and
what she does for a living. Predictably stripping was morally below her
although she'd been doing it for 4 months. All the while during the fluff I was
looking for my chance to try some game. Then, she was talking about visiting
Canada and she said she was at a bar and she ruffled her hair and it
accidentally hit a guy at which point he told her to watch where her hair went
because he was with his wife. I told her, "Hey I wouldn't take that personally
if I was you. He probably thought you were very attractive" at which point she
says "thanks alot" in the "i was expecting that" kinda way. Then I followed up
with "but he probably just thought he didn't want to kiss you. I mean, a girl
can be really attractive but alot of times there is just something about them
that makes a guy not want to kiss them. Not all guys have this but alot do." I
did this to let her know she could be rejected by me. She was a little quiet
for awhile and I was afraid I had hurt her feelings but then she seemed to
recover herself. We talked a little more about her stripping prowess
(objectively not kissupy) and I commented on the hotness of various strippers
stripping on the stage in front of us. Does anyone have an opinion on
commenting on the hotness of other girls while your hanging out with your
Then, the waitress walked over and asked me if I'de like to buy a drink or buy
this chick a drink both of which I replied no to then said I'de take a lap
dance though.

Lap Dance: She's a girl that considers herself a professional and she gave me a
very good but professional lap dance. In the middle of the dance she started
talking and I politely asked her to be quiet. This is a good move when you're
hitting on strippers. One time in LA I told a girl I was getting a lap from who
I wasn't even trying to pick up to be quiet and she remarked "I really liked
how you told me to be quiet. It was very original." Lol, people have problems.

After the lap dance we went back and sat down again. I did kino with her rings,
asking her about them, and I kinod her with her bracelet. She was also doing
reverse kino but this is a strip club so it doesn't really count. She usually
wears her hair long she said and I said I bet she looks just like repunzel with
her hair long, except a short tiny little repunzel. She seemed to respond well
when I made fun of her short height. She told me she owns 200 pairs of shoes
and countless rings because she just loves them. I then asked her if she had a
b/f. She said no. I then qualified my question by saying "my mother often buys
alot of unimportant things when she's lonely. Is that you or do you really just
love what you buy?" to make it sound like I wasn't hitting on her. Was this
qualification important to keep her guessing or am I mountaining a mole hill?
She had one for 5 years who ended up cheating on her. She offered that she
doesn't like men to buy things for her. She loves being independant. I told her
that I'm sure some guys really would love that quality in a girl, trying to
sound as disinteresetd and objective as possible. Then she asked me what I was
doing later that night and I said that I was going to a bar downtown. I asked
her what her plans were and she said hanging out with friends at another bar.
She said that she wants to live it up while she's single so she's goes out to
alot of different bars. I asked her if she was frustrated with the dating scene
or if she was content with it hoping for some frustration followed by me
telling her sometime someone would get interested in her. However, she not
surprisingly told me she gets hit on all the time at bars and one guy offered
her 3000 dollars to go out to dinner with him (!!!!!). Interesting topic but I
didn't really want her thinking about how well other guys treat her and how I
wouldn't buy her a drink very much. So, I said "there are some wild people at
bars" and went on to tell her the fabricated story of a "friend" who goes up to
girls at bars, looks them dead in their eyes, and says "I want to fuck you, do
you want to fuck me" then just stands there staring and the girl is insulted at
first then feels the heat slowly burning inside her and says "you might have to
eat me out first". She got a crack out of the story and then we talked some
more. The bouncer came over and tried to get some money from her. He asked for
20, she gave him 19, and then he counted it three times and said "this is only
19" after which she gave him another. I think this is a bad sign but I'm trying
not to think about it. We talked a little more then she started getting hungry
and picked up a menu of food. I knew this little doggy was after a free dinner
so I politely said I had to leave because I have alot of work. I then said
well, if you want you can come by and join me for a drink sometime this evening
(was this too passive??). Then, I said "the only thing is I intend to drink
alot because I'm celebrating something. I really hope you don't try to take
advantage of me". She was surprised, smiled and nudged me then said "I
wouldn't..." then I followed "I really hope I can trust you. Can I?" And she
smirking said yes. I gave her my number and she immediately called it to give
me hers. Then she asked me for a hug as I got up to leave. I know I sounded and
looked like a total tool being a pretty big guy asking a little stripper not to
take advantage of him but I thought it was a good move. Any other opinions? I'm
gonna try to take her out tonight and see what happens. Man, this girl is so
hot. If I lay her I’m donating my left nut to asf. I'll also post something too

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