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Lay Report pt 1: Montreal: Taking Two from Tam-Tams.

mASF post by droots22

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Lay Report pt 1: Montreal: Taking Two from Tam-Tams.
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mASF post by "droots22"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005


This multiple date thing is really taking things to the next level. As opposed
to having to make all the decisions and ensure the activity is fun, women will
compete to show you the best time. As you get better at it, I'm sure you'll
have more fun. And women's frames are pliable: they will/should adapt to you.
If you are comfortable multi-dating, they will roll with it.

It seemed as though -- for now -- you had to give out "cookies" to the girls by
doling out compliments and keep both energized by playing one off the other.
It's clear you want them both. But unless you are with your bi-sexual seducing
sidekick, will they be cool with it?

Hard to say. I think either way it makes you all the more desirable to both of

This is about having the power of choice. If a woman knows you could be with
any woman in the room and you choose her, that is incredibly powerful. She
will respect and adore you more for choosing her.

In my reality these days, GS, your style is like NAS: half man, half amazing.

Side note: In certain animal species and in polygamous cultures this behavior
is the norm.

What are you anyway, man?


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