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Re: Advice needed: Laying without commitment

mASF post by finalD

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Re: Advice needed: Laying without commitment
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Dan30 wrote in news:[email protected]:

> HB7.5 is 30 y.o. (I'm too), intelligent, educated, independent and
> works in the same building as me (in fact, our offices are on the same
> floor), but we do not work together at all, and never will. She seems
> exceptionally social and with high self-confidence (from talking and
> laughing with everyone, including the elder (and old), married
> seniors.)
> She has giving me strong IOIs for a few weeks, but I didn't take
> advantage of them because of many bad consequences that might
> potentially result from having something with a woman who works a few
> doors next to you. If I would have very fancied her (more attractive
> or younger) I would have made a move, but I am not very attracted to
> her. Had she been working elsewhere, I would have tried to lay her
> without caring to much for the consequences.
> Recently, she made VERY strong moves on me, while not caring that
> other people see it! (as she also told me.) It started by coming
> frequently to my office for long conversations with closed doors in
> times when my office-roommate was not there (when he got back, she
> left.) It continued by arranging that the two of us will be alone in
> the evening in a dark office, where we made massages to each other,
> cuddled and kissed. She explicitly told me that she likes me very
> much, that I am the most sexy guy on earth, how exceptional I seem to
> her and how she likes conversing with me. As she told me, I seem to
> her like a playboy, because she saw me bringing girls to my office at
> night (which is true), and I told her that I am seeing and having sex
> with other girls (which is also true). She even talked by phone with
> one of the women that told her stories about me that make me look like
> a playboy.
> Three days ago, she told me that although she wants me all to herself,
> she likes me very much and doesn't care about the other girls, and
> suggested that we go out, as we did on the same night. Unfortunately,
> she also told that she only wants a LTR with me, that she is not "that
> kind of a girl like the others I see" and that "if you were my BF I
> would have made love with you all the time." I made a mistake by being
> too sincere and telling her at the end of our date that tomorrow I see
> the other girl, which ended the date badly. Since then (only two days
> after that date), she continues to court me by phone.
> How can I lay her without any commitment? Note also that I would not
> want to mislead her due to the work situation. She seems very horny
> and told me that she hasn't had sex since the breakup from her last
> BF, which happened a year ago! (She told me that he was her first and
> only boyfriend, and that they were 5 years together.)

What I read in your post:

HB (good good)

7.5 (oxymoron!)

blah blah I'm not attracted to her blah blah


is blah blah blah blah extraneous details unrelated to sarging blah blah
blah dating


blah blah more extraneous details blah blah one friend said she said I
said which made me look like she said I said blah fucking blah

she courts me

lay without commitment

I suggest two things.

1. Read the manual.
2. Read the posting guidelines.

The problem with your questions is, that you stand SO FAR outside of
what we here generally understand to be the effective frame of mind,
that you can't phrase questions that anyone can answer while remaining
within that frame. So you need to adopt the effective frame first. That
involves --

not relating sex and commitment in your interactions with chicks
not dating
not letting her take the lead
not thinking a 7.5 is a good catch
knowing which details are extraneous and which actually matter
never ever ever dating

et cetera

Go back to the start. Do not pass "Go." Do not collect $200.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in
higher esteem those who think alike than those who think

Friedrich Nietzsche

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