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Should I be genuine Outing Report C&F?

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Should I be genuine Outing Report C&F?
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

c&f is cute in real life, but the girls who end up in the online dating world
are not there for jokes and cuteness.,

They are tired of the cute and c&f of night club jokers and players. They want
to settle down.

Settling down with just one man is the hook that you should be using as bait.

Leave the jokes for in person shit and focus on Relationship style of profile
or "ad". That is what you are creating is an ad.

What is the purpose of an ad? To sell. It has no other purposes. It's not
about jokes. It's not about esoteric shit. I'm sure you've seen those new
wacky kind of ad's where you wonder what the hell they were selling to begin

No a real ad creates sales. In PUA that equates to dates and lays, not
responses or winks, but dates and lays.

If your truly looking for a great girlfriend say so. Build up your potential
as a boyfriend. Talk about your career or fast track to success and how your
looking for someone to share it with.

With your online photo don't show a close up for you since you consider
yourself not so attractive. If you have a boat take the photo while your on
your boat or anybodies boat. Or in a nice car. Not too close and not too far

It's all about marketing!

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