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Negative Positive frame switching.
mASF post by Legion5

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Negative Positive frame switching.
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mASF post by "Legion5"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

So I was gaming my next door neighbor yesterday, she ok, hot but not my type, I
just want to be friends.

Anyway, this chick is Delusionaly Cocky.

and she's not even all that. She's a foreigner who doesn't speak proper
english, and has 75% of her DNA from complete mixed sources, ie unpure blood,
which makes her features undefined and washed out (she's low end Victoria's
secret quality, but in retrospect), and anyway, obviously geneticaly infeior
due to lack of divercity.

Everyone knows she's a "poser" but no one tells her.


That got me to thinking, I've been doing a lot of study into Negative/Positive
frame changing.

but when I was talking to this chick, it was OBVIOUS she had a Negative frame.

Thing was, she was acting like a brat, making demands, threatening, whining.
Doing all this Negative stuff, which you need to "deserve", and she obviously
didn't and she herself knew it, because she hesitated.

The thing was, I REALLY wanted to fuck her, a lot more than other chicks, just
to fuck the bitch over, get with her and dump her, which is what David Deangelo
talks about.

A posetive frame is really what makes me want to stay with a girl, and as with
Evloution88's post, it explains it all, which was reflected in this girl.


So that got me to thinking, for power, you Frontload with a Negative frame, to
get her Initial interest, which is a big problem posetive frame people have,
then you switch to a posetive frame to keep them.

This could be something very powerfull I think. Creating Maximum seduction at
every point.

- Resident mASF asshole.

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