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Field Report: Day 1: Taking Leaps and Bounds
mASF post by the_f0x

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Field Report: Day 1: Taking Leaps and Bounds
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mASF post by "the_f0x"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Taking leaps and bounds

DAY 1:

I’m going to start like I normally do, a preface/introduction/disclaimer, some
concepts, and finally the field report and analysis mixed in.

The Story:

Fat. Braces. Secrets. Those three words sum up the negativity in my life with
enormous ease. Those three words have made my life hard, stopped me from doing
what I’ve always wanted, and convinced me that I’ll never be more than what
I’ve been.

Things changed. I found the community, I started to pay attention… I lost 20
pounds, gained it back in muscle…grew… Things changed. Here I am, graduated
from High School, having overcome many of my fears this past year, excited.

The Situation:

A party, making the definition of this FR a little hazy. It’s more of a
reflection combined with commentary and techniques. One set, 15 people, 2

The Report:

Worked out, showered, a little gel in the hair, Mark Jacob’s cologne, clean
nails; my not yet traditional, but soon to be, pre-game routine. I counted my
blessings like LowRyder69 suggested and it really does put me in a loving,
talkative state.

We arrive at the venue, a friend of a friend’s party with 80% strangers. *Grin*
I make myself a Kaluha and Coffee and throw myself in set. It’s 15 people all
sitting around a big table outside and everyone is dressed up for the occasion,
the host’s request. I’m wearing tan shorts, a black belt, a pink button up
t-shirt with brown strips (penguin, the brand gets recognized by my targets, I
bust) and a midnight blue tie. Check the pics down below. My outfit gets
noticed by the girls, I know I’m on and this just stabilizes my state; I lean
back. I sit a far ways from my target, not knowing she is my target. It’s dark
out, we’re smoking hookah and talking/meeting each other. The topic of
conversation is college, being that we’re all headed out soon. I’m very
comfortable. (I like Hemmingway, get over it.)

My wing/ride there moves inside and I go grab his spot. I engage HBs with small
talk, leaning back. Can’t remember specifics, just cocky and funny, not buying
their shit, confidence, your own opinion. I’ve demonstrated my value above
everyone else, small negs that aren’t even mean, just reiterating what that
person said in black and white to make it funny, small teases. Strong eye
contact. I notice that the girls STRONGLY lean their bodies in to me, and I
naturally lean back. Lean back, lean back, lean back.¤t=IMG_0129.jpg

HBAsian : “I can’t believe what he’s doing to her. Testing her love.”
Fox: “Um. Girls do that ALL the time.”
HBAsian: Loudly : “What are you talking about? What how?”
It was amazing. All gazes turn immediately to me.
Fox: “Girls throw shit at guys all the time just to see how they would respond.
Like asking your friend if they like some band you hate and when they tell you
they like them you make fun of them.”

Blah blah blah, more exchange.

HBAsian: “We should set you up with this girl. But she’s kinda nerdy. What kind
of girls do you like?”
Fox: Pause for emphasis, sly smile. “Attractive ones.”
HBAsian begins to defend, and I’m just laughing. My value is stellar.

We talk about the place I live. They throw stereotypes at me and I firmly say
fuck you and tell them how it is. They notice my clothing. The girls beside me
stand up and leave, leaving space for me to sit by my main target, HBStraddler.
I don’t move but notice the change with my eyes.

We bring up books, HBStraddler and I have similar tastes, coincidence? I do
believe that when you’ve created enough attraction the target will try with
passion to find commonalities between you two, as you should as well. I
physically shut down HBStraddler when someone else starts to talk to me and she
wants to talk to me. I throw out my index finger in her face and engage the
other guy. Not only does this make EVERYONE laugh but it demonstrates that I
don’t need her. Powerful.

More fluff. HBStraddler invites me to sit down by her, rubs the seat. “You guys
suck.” And I move. HBAsian questions this contradiction in verbosity and
action, and I’m smiling.

“Fuck girls.”

This whole time I haven’t mentioned sex once, I haven’t brought up any routine
or story or anything. I’m playing total natural game, being myself and making
stupid little jokes. The magic is once you’ve captivated everyone they will
swallow anything. You have to lead. I threw out my sassy gay man voice and
talked like a girl, mimicked their stupid one finger waves, just teased them.

Fox: Gay Voice: “I love boys, oh my god.”
HBAsian: “So do we!”
HBStraddler: “We should make a club.”
HBAsian: “But you don’t get a medal.”
HBStraddler: “He doesn’t? didn’t you get yours in the mail.”
HBAsian: “Oh yeah, but he only gets silver.”
Fox: “Silver is second. I’m happy.” ALOOF.

I remember wanting to use one line by David DeAngelo: “We would fight all the
time. *Pause* And I would win.” It fits perfectly with any argument that goes
on, which I try to provoke because it creates that sexual tension of
disagreement. And the weird part of all of this was when I wanted to use the
line, I shrunk up, got nervous, and felt beta. So I didn’t. I played it totally
natural, where I was congruent, and was just a normal, attractive guy.

I pop the provoking “all girls are bisexual” comment. Immediately these girls
begin to grope each other’s breasts. They look at me, test, I’m smiling.

My target, HBStraddler, is leaning in, as am I; good eye contact. We’re talking
about movies. I tell them I’m picky about my books, my movies, and my art.

I make them tell my stories about their percings, their favorite colors, ect.
HBStraddler is getting doves at her crotch line. Test:

HBAsian: “fox, doesn’t that make you want to rip her cloths off?”
Fox: Pause, lean back. “No not really.”
HBStraddler is visibly negged.

Some stuff happens, I’m still engaging the whole group but half the people are
now inside. I neg my target again, I think. Then this whopper comes:

HBStraddler: To HBAsian: “You know its weird, HBAsian. Most guys pick up on my
advances and are all over me *makes the grabbing motion*”
Fox: “I told you sweetheart. I’m gay.”

Filler talk, which isn’t as hard as I thought. Ask questions, state opinions,
just chat. It’s really pretty simple guys. Just talk and say what you feel. You
just have to say it right: use less words, pause, be emotive.

I love this:

Fox to HBAsian: “how long have we know each other?”
HBAsian looks confused: “What?”
Fox : “Two years? No, no three.”

Which segues perfectly later.

I request a photo taken with HBStraddler. Granted, I get close to her face, and
hold eye contact before the flash goes, then I smile. Pimp. We take two photos.
I boob squeeze on the second one :D

Later, I request one with HBAsian. She is hesitant, test.
Fox: “How long have we known each other? 3 years.”
She sits on my dick, specifically. Good girl.

I have to leave. I get HBAsians number, she wants mine, duh. I demand a hug,
she sucks.

I request HBStraddler’s # but this is after I’ve made fun of her:
HBStaddler: “425…”
Fox: *laughing* “Hoes in different area codes.”
HBStraddler with an indignant look, but smiling: “555..”
Fox: “forget it.” Puts the phone down.
This back and forth turns me on, dammit. We’re both smiling.

I stand to leave. “Wait give me your number.”
Then, as I turn, HBStraddler grabs my ass. Then HBAsian slides her finger down
my asscrack (cool? Wtf) I grab some titties. More groping.

I request a hug from HBStraddler. She does it right. Then HBAsian goes:
“Straddle him.”

Really good night. My wing was really amused. He was alpha to me about 6 months
ago, which has changed.

Two super solid # closes and HBStaddler is going to be my new FB. I already
have plans with them, they invited me, for tonight, one night after.

The Thoughts:

Natural game versus routine game:
It’s congruence. I know my tonality, my body language, and my rhetoric won’t
produce the right results for “lines”. So why use them? Stick to topics and
themes that convey what you want to convey and provoke the types of responses
you want to retort.

Be patient: I had a two hour time limit. I held my ground, didn’t try to
intrude. Made them try to seduce me. Like Tyler says once you build the
situation correctly she’ll want to seduce you. She started kino first, she
started sex first. I just brought it above it, but I didn’t bring it up. I made
fun of them for being so sexually deprived. It’s just a game guys, learn how to
play and more importantly, learn the reasons behind the rules. Then you become
the game.

My first total alpha PU experience.

I love it.

More to come.

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