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Field Report:Day 3/21: Solo is sweetening up & meeting Tyler
mASF post by TheShangriLa

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Field Report:Day 3/21: Solo is sweetening up & meeting Tyler
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mASF post by "TheShangriLa"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

The Shangri La's 21 Day Sarge

Day 3
I wanted to get HBcutie round to my place (as she told me she had the day off
and then she was going to be working 10 days straight), so I texted her asking
her to come round for dinner. No response :( I was a bit down about that
because I thought it was ON after our great evening last night. Not really sure
how I should progress with her, probably leave it for a week and text her

Anyway, after I got over that, my plan were more solo game and then I had
arranged to meet up with some other guys to sarge up Leicester Square. So I
started in the bookshops again but I was pretty tired after last night and only
opened one or two sets.

Met up with the guys in Leicester Square. Man, there were so many PUA's there
tonight! But more about that later. We buddy up and go opening sets. My wing is
cool and total opposite to me, he is very direct and aggressive when he opens
sets, whereas I am pretty low-key, so I always learn more and more from him
everytime we sarge together. We wander over to Covent Garden opening sets and
made our way back to Leicester Square.

We open these 2 girls and they said something strange like "Oh no, not more
'opinions'"! My wing and I kinda looked at each other. Then we noticed some LSS
newbies standing around and we figured they must have opened them already with
an opinion opener.

So as we are walking, my wing opens a set and we are engaged and I notice 2
guys who are ULTRA peacocking lingering behind us. One of them has got his arm
around the other guys play-acting to be fags and as me and my wing leave the
set, they walk up to the set and just stand in front of them posing. As I walk
away it comes to me who one of them is - it's Smoothguy69. The dude wearing the
funky trousers must be Hollywood Mack, as I've seen some of their joint posts
on ASF in the last few days. So it's not just LSS guys, there are all sorts of
other guys sarging up the area.

We walk a bit further and I spot this guy in a small group of people. It's
Tyler Durden (I recognise him from a David DeAngelo DVD). We stand nearby
because I'm not quite sure its him, but then we move off. We do a lap of L. Sq
and then I just say we might as well introduce ourselves as we are going to the
RSD workshop anyhow. We say hi and some other LSS guys come over and we all
stand around chatting for a while. Tyler is a cool guy and I briefly speak to
his girlfriend too.

After that my wing leaves and I do more solo sarging. I approach these 2 girls
with "Hey guys, do you know any cool bars around here...". They say they don't
know any and I go from there. I say I'm waiting for my friend. They are
American students here for a few months. We joke around and it's like the most
natural conversation ever. Some guys come over and start asking the girls do
they know where the "Trash Palace" is? And because there are so many PUA's
around, I get paranoid they are amoging me!! lol. No, they were really just
asking for direction and weren't trying to steal the chicks. So I use the
opportunity to number close the cute one while the other one is giving them the
wrong directions. This was like my 7th opener for the night and I'm thinking
"Cool - 1 # close is good work for the evening". But I have to finish my quota
of 10.

So I run into some more LSS guys. We chat for a while and then I go solo again
and go over to HMV. I spot this hottie and get close to her. (N.B. I've noticed
from all the bookshop sarging that if you go and stand close to a chick, she
will move away in about 5-10 seconds, like almost as a rule. So the 3 second
rule is key). Anyway, I see this hottie and I stand close, but far enough away.
She comes my way and I open her with "Hey, do you know any of Lee Scratch
Perry's music?" while holding a Perry CD. She says no, but starts to recommend
some other reggae music. We chat for quite a while. She is shy about making eye
contact, but that's okay, I try to mirror her eye contact to be about the same.
I find out she's Polish, works in Jersey and is in London for a few days. I
invite her for coffee. She says no and walks away. But she doesn't go too far
away, so I think she wants me to reopen her. I guess she wanted me for cheap
dirty sex while she was here and I didn't give her the opportunity by
reopening. I'm such a mean guy.

Anyway, I've opened 9 chicks and I just need to open one more to get to 10. I
see this chick standing outside BK and open her. We chat for a while - again -
totally natural, like this conversation was totally by accident. She gets a
call and I stand there as she takes it. This might be supplication, but
whatever. She tells me she has to go and meet her friend and I say - "Well hey
you are cool, we should go for a coffee sometime". She says "Sure!" is a very
happy manner and taps her number into my phone. Cool - 2 #closes tonight!

I'm happy and I go off down to the Underground to go home. I see this hottie
sitting on her own at one end of the platform. I go down, trying not to look at
her and sit at the other end of the bench she is sitting on. I look around and
ask an inane question "Have you been waiting long for the train?" (even though
I can see the notice board says a train will be along in 1 minute). She says
something or other in reply. I look away. I know if I don't get more going
before she gets on the train, it's over. I turn back and says "Are you
Californian?". She says no, but that she spent 5 months in New York and
surrounding area. We exchange a few more comments and the train pulls up. I
decide not to follow her, as it would seem too needy. She was not making direct
eye contact, her body was turned away, so if I followed her she would have been
creeped out. So I went in one door and she went in another. Without looking
(perhaps a mini glance) I knew roughly where she was sitting. I did not look in
that direct at all. I figured it was a good bet she was getting off at Warren
Street and changing to the Victoria line there (because Piccadilly line is

As we pulled into Warren Street, I went to the door that was between us, again,
not looking at her. I heard this giggly girl says "Hi again". I was like "Oh
hi. So did you go to all the cool department stores in New York when you were
there" and continued the conversation. She said some more and then started to
walk away from me. I ask her something else and she slows down a bit to answer.
Then she tries to walk away again. I engage her again and pull her back again.
She barely looks at me as she is responding. We get to another escalator and
she actually stops on the escalator so I can talk to her. She still is only
just glancing round at me. I continue talking to her. We get on the tube and
she walks into the carriage and picks a seat where we can sit together and
talk. I continue talking and asking her about stuff. I cold read her telling
her she is getting of at a certain station. She is. I guess that she is an
actress. She says she is, then says she might be. I tell her I am a writer. She
says I look too "normal" to be a writer. She says the only reason she spoke to
me was because I looked "normal". It was amusing.

We both get off the train at the same stop and as we walk around the corner I
say we should go for coffee. She agrees in a happy, but tentative manner...
asks me for my number. I just hand her my phone and tell her to put her number
in. She says she doesn't know it. I make a joke about it "Ha ha, yeah right".
She takes out her own phone and brings up her number and holds it for me to
type it in. I tell her to read it out for me. Done.

She tells me that she has never had a conversation on the tube with a stranger
before - it's crazy. (Now I see why she was so shy about talking or making eye
contact early on). We say goodnight and as we walk away I wonder did I tell her
my name or not? I run back to the tunnel she is walking down, she's about half
way down it and I shout "Hey - I'm The Shangri La" and she smiles back and gets
excited and says something back to me. At least I know she won't forget my name

Cool. 11 openers, 3 number closes. Solo sarging rocks. All three were solid
closes too, totally natural conversation. I just wonder whether looking
"normal" is a bad or good thing in terms of attraction? But who cares for now.
As far as I'm concerned, not bad for a day that started out badly (i.e. HBcutie
not responding). And so ends another epic adventure... until tomorrow night :)

The Shangri La

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