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Girl “Friend” Attitude ...
mASF post by slikplyr

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Girl “Friend” Attitude ...
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mASF post by "slikplyr"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Okay, I'm becoming to annoyed with this one girl who claims to be my friend. I
knew her in high school, didn't really talk but yea. I'm not in college and we
have class together and we talk, she is UG, but w/e just regular talk. Anyway
she is one of those big mouth attention bitches, that calls out on people.
Anyway someday's since she sits next to me, she reaches into my bag and just
takes my candy/gum/mints/w.e. Anyway after reading a post I started grabbing my
bag and taking it away from her, because this bitch doesn't respect my
property. Anyway, she has a real big thing with me asking her questions. Like I
would ask a simple question about the class, and she would make me look stupid
infront of the whole class, saying "SLIkPLYR, IT"S ON THE BOARD!!!... YOU NEED
TO PAY ATTENTION" I see no need for none of that, but then after class she is
all "oh come here cusin, your my favorite cusin" were not related at all...

Anyway this girl is getting annoying and, I just want to know how to do I treat
girls like this in the future if it happens again?

Like David Deangelo said, it's one of those girls that are fat/ugly and proud
of it...

One must not find himself, but instead, become the person he wants to be...

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