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what can the best minds of masf come up with?
mASF post by Legion5

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what can the best minds of masf come up with?
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mASF post by "Legion5"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Don't you just love short title limits?

Anyway, I wrote this once, and am re-writing this because my other computer is
"low quality" let's say.

Alright, I was at a model bar gaming girls. Doing David Deangelo, and getting
phone numbers and e-mails.

I met about 4 girls 3 of them I'm getting along with well now.

the last one, is as follows:

11/10 model, famous, lesbian, intelligent, and has a superiority complex, and
she's a brat.

I only have her e-mail.


So let's make the situation even more difficult:

the day after I send her something like this:

""Hey! It was fun meeting you, we should totally be best friends, if anything
we should get drinks together again, you're fun, I'm fun, we'd make a great
couple. Hit Me back.""

Wait 3 days

""If your playing retarded games with people, I don't respect that.

If you don't want to reply to your mail, it probably means you have the
personality of a penut.

So just don't bother, go away.

Have a fantasticly awesome day though. ""

HER: (just to clarify) ""oh i'm not playin games with anyone.....i just don't
think ur good enough for me thats all......i'm a perfact 10 all around...don't
ever forget it bitch ""

(I was loopy at the time actualy, so I didn't remember being that harsh, that's
how I meant the first line.)

""Ha ha i have no idea why I wrote that.

Hey think whatever you want of me, and that's not how it's gona work.

Personaly I'd take a look at your hair though if I were you and wanting to ummm
be a perfect 10, just a thought... just a thought. "" (last line was a joke
reffrence to a movie)


This is a challenge

Normally I would be like whatever at this point, but I see this as a challenge.
I might send her one more, I might not, it wouldn't really matter, but that
being said, it doesn't matter because I'm gona send her one more.

I want this TOPIC foremost to succeed, there's a lot of good discussion for
what I call "re-rolls" or re-trying when the girl rejects you.

The main thing is, what would you say to her at this point? What e-mail would
you send this girl to wooe her into number-closing, and seeing you again?

I don't think this is a failure, but I know myself I would have a 40% chance of
success, that's not good enough, because this is a rare opportunity to
demonstrate skill.

So what would you say?

Edit (clarification):

she was either offering me a challenge or blowing me off...

she called me a bitch... not to be technical, that's being playful shows she
probably wanted a challenge.

Of course I wussed out what I said back (not really but easily misinterpreted
as that)

All women like men, even lesbians, oh wait actually real men... that rare
comodety. (from my experience, and other people (Rick said this into a
microphone which I later heard) "All women are Bi")

ha ha but cummon, you think it's THAT bad?

I was actually trying to run "best friends forever" game, hey let's be best
friends! It's very funnny... Just to clarify.

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