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Another question for Tyler Durden_C&F
mASF post by OM

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Another question for Tyler Durden_C&F
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mASF post by "OM"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

I read in a old post of Tyler that C&F its great in the initial phase of the
game (i will resume what tyler said). C&F its great for conveying many things
like, you are confident, you choose the girls, you are funny, etc, but he said
that you should stop C&F after some time. When she gets the mssage behind C&F
(ie, you area player) then you should jump to rapport without C&F because C&F
its a way to reduce the girl.

YOu need to rapport in order to show the girl who you really are, but C&F may
blwo up everything.

David DeAngelo says that even in a LTR, C&F its great because you are seducing
and playing with her.

The question: isnt bad stop with C&F? Ok, when you rapport, C&F must get away
from somewhile but after that isnt it a good idea to be C&F (not every time of
course)? I mean, playing a little with your GF its nice. Some guys that i know,
without knowing, use C&F from times to times and they (the GFs) like it a lot.
You are playing with them. So, Why stop completly with C&F?


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