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My problem with cocky and funny
mASF post by beatcal

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My problem with cocky and funny
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mASF post by "beatcal"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

I know it works for David DeAngelo, b/c I have his e-book. But I really don't
think I can make it work for me. Why not? Because whenever I come across a guy
who's cocky, I think, "What a prick." In my mind, if you're the shit you don't
have to let the whole world know it by being cocky about it. Most of the guys I
know who are cocky are either: a) delusional, b) insecure, or c) both. So, at
least in my world, when you encourage me to act cocky, you're encouraging me to
act like a delusional, insecure prick. That's an act I have no interest in
putting on. (And yes, I know that we're supposed to be cocky AND FUNNY, not
just cocky. That doesn't help me much, though. If I meet a guy who's racist and
funny, I'm still way put off by the racism.)

Any responses? There are two kinds of guys I'd be particularly interested in
hearing from. First, guys who also find cocky behavior repellant but do it
anyway because it works with girls. Second, guys who only use cocky and funny
in certain situations or with certain kinds of girls, e.g., HBs who are going
way overboard with shit tests.

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