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Field Report: LMR, crying and my conscience
mASF post by DavidCopafeel

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Field Report: LMR, crying and my conscience
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mASF post by "DavidCopafeel"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

I was at a drug company-sponsored dinner and saw a cute Asian girl in tight
white pants get up and walk off to the ladies’ room. While I was staring at her
darling little derriere I thought that I should approach her after the talk was
When everyone was getting up to leave, I walked over to her table. When I got
closer I saw that she was “with” some guy. I asked them what they did and how
they knew each other. He was a pharmacist and she a family doctor. I engaged
both of them briefly but then soon turned my attention to her. He stood there
watching as we chatted together and then walked away. Within about 30 seconds,
and without really asking, she gave me her home phone number.
I called her a few days later and played it cool on the phone – just friendly
chatting. She told me that she had a friend that she wanted to introduce me to.
I didn’t tell her yes or no I just let it ride. When the conversation came
around to sex she told me that she only had sex with guys when she knew that
they loved her. At the end of the conversation, she ended up asking me if I
wanted to pick her up the next day and we would have a drink together. I said
OK and hung up the phone.

When I greeted her the next day at her office I approached her and held out my
arms to give her a greeting kiss on each cheek (we do this in Montreal). She
said hi but walked right by. I was put off by this and as we drove away I spent
the next ten minutes negging her and really busting on her. She actually seemed
to be turned on by this. I took her to a hotel rooftop pool and we sat at the
bar together. She spoke more about the friend that she wanted me to meet. I
teased her some more telling her how “special” she was and that I didn’t think
we would ever get along. There was some periodic kino and playfighting. I got
up and said that I wanted to look out over the roof to see the cityscape. I
waved her over to come look with me and she came over. She asked me why I had
phoned her. I thought that this was a really obnoxious question and I answered
“I thought you might have some friends to introduce me to”(I would learn later
why she asked me this). Then when I tried get closer to her she would move
away. So I figured that she was an obnoxious attention seeker who wanted to
know if I liked her for her own personal validation. I said that I had to go
shopping and started to walk off. She asked me if she could go shopping with me
so I said “I guess”. We went to urban outfitters and we started to flirt more
with each other. I sat down in this seat and she sat on top of me and didn’t
budge when I put my arm around her. Then I pushed her off playfully saying that
there wasn’t enough room for both of us. She went to sit somewhere else and I
sat down on a couch and started reading some funny books nearby. I waved her
over telling her that the book was pretty funny. She sat down next to me and
again our bodies were touching and we did some more playfighting. I ran the
trust test on her and we got nose-to-nose – then rather than kiss her, I just
gave her a hug and then pushed her off. When we sat down again, and I put my
hand on the backrest behind her, she withdrew. I thought that this was strange
given that she had “passed” the trust test with flying colours. We got up and
started looking at a book about kama sutra and sexual positions. We looked at
them all and I told her that I didn’t think that she would be flexible enough
to do certain ones and she replied that she thought she could. The I went to
sit down again and pulled her on top of me and she said “What are you doing?” I
didn’t let go of her right away but she seemed uncomfortable and she got up. We
left and I told her I was going to take her to the subway. On the way back to
my car, she asked me if I would only like her friend because she was asian. I
was answering in a sarcastic tone saying “oh of course- there could be no other
reason.” She asked me to go with her to another drug company event just me and
her. I said I was busy, thinking that this girl is too indirect and plays too
many games. I walk her to the subway and when I say that she should get going
she stalls and tries to keep the conversation going and then asking me if I was
going to kiss her goodbye. I told her to kiss me goodbye first – which she did
on the cheeks – so I did the same to her. Then she asked me if I would like to
double date with her and her friend (without telling me who I would be going
out with) and then told me that I was cute. I was sarcastic with her again
saying “ oh yeah sure call me blah blah blah” She walked off in a huff because
she said that she didn’t know how to take me.
Anyway, I figured that she was just immature and forgot about her. A week
later, she calls me to see how things are going. I tell her that I had to be
downtown that day and she asked me if I would like to pick her up and we would
go eat together. Then during the conversation she says “Did I tell you that I
have a boyfriend?” I ignore the question and keep talking as if nothing was
said. I pick her up and I take her to an Italian restaurant and start busting
on her again. During lunch, whenever she would raise the topic of her boyfriend
I would turn my head and ignore her or change the subject. When she started
asking me why I was single I changed the subject. I told her that she could buy
me lunch if she wanted but that I insisted on paying for myself just so I
wouldn’t feel like she was expecting anything. She laughed at this and then
(after all the ballbusting I had done) she told me that she liked me because I
was a challenge. She ended up paying for the lunch and we got up and I said
that I had to go. I took her by the hand and spun her a few times but then when
I kept her hand in mine she said “can I have my hand back?” I said “no” She
said “unless this is a marriage proposal” I said “oh so that’s what it would
take.” I walked with her back to my car and she said that she hadn’t yet seen
my apartment. I said “why don’t we go watch some DVDs that I bought” She agreed
and we drove off. In the car I was busting on her some more (turning up the
volume when she asked me turn it down, telling her that she was going to clean
my apartment when we got home, etc…. very David DeAngelo- very effective by the
way – she was laughing the whole time). When we arrived, she said she was cold
so I gave her shirt but then I brought my duvet out to the couch, inferring
that we could both get under it. She wouldn’t sit down and instead walked
around. I’m thinking “OK more games”. So I get up and start cleaning my place
and pretty much ignoring her for a few minutes. Then I throw a pillow at her
and sit down on the couch. She said aren’t we going to watch the movie – isn’t
that why we came here? So I set up the movie and then I get my duvet again and
tell her that she cannot share it with me. She says that I am very mean to her
but she lies down closer to me. Then after a few minutes, I start tickling her
and she says she is only ticklish when she is kissed on the neck. So I attack
her and try to kiss her on the neck and she fights but basically lets me do it.
Then she pulls away. Eventually I ask her if she wants to switch seats and she
comes and sits next to me and is now lying under the covers with me so I
totally go for it and start making out with her and kissing her all over her
neck, etc… She says no please don’t do it…my boyfriend blah blah….I’m going to
feel so guilty….but the whole time she is really getting into it. I suck on her
tits and start to rub her pussy through her pants. She doesn't resist this at
all. (Remember – don’t believe what she says, believe what she does)I pick her
up and take her to the bedroom. I start to unbutton the top button. Now she is
saying stop stop stop. I try to unzip her pants but she takes my hand and says
“stop this is my limit”. Wash rinse repeat but she isn't letting me proceed.
Well I don’t want to have her accuse me of date rape so I did a freezeout and
suddenly got off her and said “I’m going to go finish the movie.” She goes back
to watch the movie and after a few minutes, we start kissing again and I pick
her up and take her to the shower. I start getting undressed but she doesn’t
want to go into the shower. I pull her into the bathroom but she resists a lot.
I shut the door in her face and have my shower. When I return to the couch she
is lying there. I start sucking her earlobes which really turns her on and we
start making out again. She tells me that she doesn’t want to have sex with me
because she doesn’t know what I want from her. She says that she doesn’t want
me to think of her as a sex object and that she has been very hurt in the past
when guys fuck her and then make it clear that that is all they wanted from
her. She starts crying and asking me if we can still be friends. I say of
course we can be friends (the truth being that I would have a hard time being
friends with her – I find her a little nuts) Basically this girl, while
attractive enough for me to want to fuck, was so indirect and kooky, I decided
that I could only fuck her a few times but that I could never be friends with
her or have a relationship. I said to her – “look if it is upsetting you this
much then it isn’t worth it for you or me – we’re supposed to be having fun
together - so I think I should just take you home now.” In the car she starts
asking me all these questions about whether I was capable of falling in love
with someone, etc… She says that she really needs a guy to love her before she
can sleep with him and I tell her that I don't think I can give her what she
wants. I didn't want to tell her that I thought I was capable of loving her
just so I could fuck her cuz the truth is that i would not want a relationship
with her. I dropped her off and she asked me if she could kiss me again. I said
‘no’ at first but then gave her a little peck on the lips and she left.
Something tells me that I will hear from her again. Any feedback from anyone?

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