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bootcamp: RSD Bootcamp - Sydney May 27-29 2005
mASF post by SnowDevil

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bootcamp: RSD Bootcamp - Sydney May 27-29 2005
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mASF post by "SnowDevil"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

I initially posted this in reviews before realising that my first post isn't
allowed to be a review. I still want to tell you guys about my experience
though, so I'm posting it here instead.


My bootcamp experience started very suddenly as I was informed pretty much 7pm
on Friday night that there had been a cancellation. By 8pm I'd made the
decision to do it and by 9pm I was on a plane to Sydney (from Brisbane).
10:30pm I touched down in Sydney and 30 minutes later I met up with Hoobie
outside the Hotel where I was going to be staying.

A bit about me first. I was 27 as of April 28th this year. I have never had a
girlfriend, and had only ever kissed one girl. I'm not a bad looking guy
though, just, I'd always isolated myself in front of computers and avoided
social contact. Throughout school and early university I was a social retard,
got picked on constantly up to late high school and basically ended up very
very shy around girls. The thought of walking up to a group of girls would
freeze me up in terror. As a result I was basically BAFC. I had always had
interest from UGs before but even though I couldn't get laid to save my life,
my standards were too high to settle for someone I wasn't attracted to. So I
stayed single, hoping that one day I might find that one girl who'd fall in
love with me and because she'd see I was such a great guy, we'd stay together
forever. How deluded I was lol.

Anyway, probably late 2003 I was put onto the David DeAngelo stuff. I guess I
had some trouble absorbing it properly. After taking it in, it kind of made
sense, but I didn't really have much female social contact to back it up. Sure
we had female friends of the family who I got along with and could laugh with,
but I was always too supplicating and nervous to ever be too teasing or cocky.
Anyway, I guess it was still a good starting point because I started to train
myself to ditch the negative self-talk and try to improve myself. I'd always
been a pretty positive and friendly person, just not in relation to my
prospects with women. So anyway, to cut a long story short I signed up on an
internet dating site and over the next year probably went on about ten dates,
several of which were 7/8's. Problem is I never knew how to escalate or
progress at all. I didn't understand kino concepts or anything like that. My
best date went for six hours and looking back I know I missed about 800
opportunities to progress, but about the best she got out of me was a kiss on
the cheek. A few dates later I was out with a really hot girl and at the end of
our 2-hour-or-so date I went to peck her on the cheek and she caught my lips
with hers, but it was really weird because I'd never kissed anyone before. The
next day she told me the kiss was way too weird and didn't want to see me
again. I was shattered for the next couple of days. But ok I got over it.

After that a period of many months went by. I had subscribed to David's
Interview Series and was starting to get an idea of stuff a little bit more
than I had before. Late last year I even discovered and read
the occasional bits and pieces, and although the concepts sounded good,
actually going out there and trying to bust down my barriers of fear was not
something I had been able to do so far. I came across references, both here and
on the interview series, to Eventually I thought to
visit the website and came across the bootcamp concept which sounded really
really good. By this time I was probably on about 3 mailing lists (DD, RSD, DJ)
and had pretty much eliminated 98% of my negative self talk and started to
become pretty confident, but I still had no idea how to open sets or any of
that stuff. It was all pretty alien to me, but I really really wanted to learn,
and I knew that I could learn with some help. So I sent an email off to RSD
asking when their next Sydney bootcamps were going to be, and a few days later
I got an email from Papa at RSD letting me know that there was an urgent
bootcamp spot to be filled if I wanted it, so I jumped at the opportunity,
which brings us back to the start of the review, and me having just shaken
hands with my instructor for the weekend Hugh (Hoobie).

For the next hour or so I gave him a run-down of my background and we talked
about what the weekend would entail, then we set off in a taxi for a club
called "The Establishment". Pretty much from the moment we hit the club he
started making me open sets. Between every set he reviewed with my what
happened and helped me make small corrections before pretty much pointing at
another set and saying "ok, those two over there, go open." Each time he'd
stand covertly near me and take careful note of what I was doing. Initial
things he helped me correct were making sure my body language matched theirs,
i.e. if their leaning back, do the same, stuff like that. Punish/reward using
body language. He also gradually got me to slow down my hundred-miles-an-hour
speech rate, fix my voice tonality and stop sounding so excited when i was
talking to someone who was being pretty laid back. He also got me to try a few
different opening styles, including the opinion-opener, just saying hello and
also being direct by telling the girl "hi i saw you and thought you were hot so
i thought i'd introduce myself". This was essentially what I ended up using
most over the weekend because I found I had over 90% opening success rate with
HBs. I started noticing all the IOIs they were giving me and noticing them
being hooked, although Hugh had to point this out to me at first. It hadn't
occurred to me that they wouldn't be asking me questions about myself if they
had no interest. I then started to notice them laughing at things I said that
weren't funny, playing with hair, increased facial expressions and stuff too. I
finished that evening making out with a hot (7 by my standards) 31-year-old
woman who ran a law firm. At that point I'd probably opened about 10 sets and
even had a few numbers, and started utilising my relaxed body language, slower
speech, punish/reward on leaning in/out, that sort of stuff, and she ate it
right up. Hugh was right near me and would whisper stuff in my ear like "hook",
and then "go for the extraction". She never even noticed. We went to a couch
and I was kind of at a bit of a loss, and Hugh came up again and said we should
kiss which kind of made us laugh, but then I said "nah you probably can't kiss
anyway" (thanks David D!) and she ate it right up. After that I number closed
(stoopid me duh) and when I went back to Hugh who looked at me shocked and told
me to go over and re-engage and tell her to come for a walk with me. She
resisted but we ended up dancing, and kissing a bit more, but I couldn't seem
to go any further than that, and eventually it was over. But hey, that's
further than I ever got with any woman before, and only on my first night of
bootcamp! So I wasn't unhappy. I didn't kiss any girls again over the weekend
but I still learned a lot.

That night I tossed and turned and woke up over and over again because my head
wouldn't shut up. 1pm I met Hugh in the city and we headed over to Bondi Beach
to do some beach sarging. Hugh made me use the direct approach again seeing as
I was having success with it, and I managed to open a whole bunch more sets
with reasonably good looking girls. Got the numbers of some too. Chatted to one
french chick (probably a 7.5) for a good half an hour, practising with kino,
laughing a lot, using a bit of C+F (which I've never been much good at doing on
cue before) and generally building great rapport. Number closed and left. We
then headed back to my hotel and prepared to hit the clubs again.

I opened a lot of sets that night, probably a good 15-20 I'd say, mostly with
groups of girls, and started to get (at least the appearance of being) pretty
confident approaching closed groups of hot girls with the direct approach. Got
lots and lots of IOI, hooking, kino and the numbers of several 8's, 9's and at
least one 10. Total total hottie. 23 years old, long blonde hair, beautiful
face, amazing personality, kindergarten teacher, and she was totally into me,
but I didn't manage to extract her from her friends who she was sitting at a
table having drinks with, although I did get her number, which she keenly gave
up. I wish I was still in Sydney because i reckon she would have been mine
easily. I really need to practice the extraction, but I know now I can do it. I
also need to take note of wash/rinse/repeat when I fail on the first extract.
But that's cool, there's plenty of time for that.

Later on we headed over to Manly and arrived about 2:30am, when things were
really starting to dry up, and only managed to get into some club downstairs,
where the absolute best w could find for practice was some chick (maybe 5-6)
who was a bit drunk and didn't have much energy, but Hugh pushed me into it
anyway for the practice. We didn't stay though because it was pretty seedy and
teeming with huge scary looking Maori guys who could have knocked me flat (and
I'm a solid 6'1") with ease. Finished up with an approach on a an ok (6-7?)
blonde outside who gave me total bitch shield, but I was friendly and persisted
after which she opened right up. We had a good bit of conversation but she was
waiting for another guy who she'd already attached to that evening, so it
didn't go anywhere.

Sunday we spent the day on Manly beach and that afternoon in a shopping mall.
The beach was great practice, I opened sets and got numbers of some really hot
girls (including a beautiful blonde swedish chick, easily a 10). The whole time
Hugh was there coaching me, discussing the game with me, going over the weekend
so far, talking about my technique and generally kicking me into sets. I'd say
the whole weekend I opened at least 50 sets, and only got blown out maybe 4 or
5 times, using the direct approach about 95% of the time (hi, saw you, think
you're hot, introduction, etc).

It was amazing, pretty much every set I opened directly was greeted by giggles
and warm smiles, followed by thanks for the compliment, introductions and
conversation ensuing. I never really knew it was so easy to get the interest of
such hot girls, and the whole concept of approach-to-kiss-close in a club had
always been beyond my comprehension. I feel suddenly unblocked and am 1000%
more sure of myself now. Am heading out on the weekend with Hugh's previous
student who also lives in Brisbane and I can't wait to start practising with
what I learned. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Hugh and RSD and do not
regret a single penny spent.


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