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Field Report: first night of tockstar tour
mASF post by the_jacas

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Field Report: first night of tockstar tour
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mASF post by "the_jacas"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

I cant compete with my wings Narcissisto's LR today but I learned some things
tonight. I only did about 5 approaches. This might be considered a lame night
by some but I got some good alpha body language practice. This is the first
night Ive been out solo the entire night in a long ass time (and when I did
mass approaches when solo I would have too much alcohol in me) but was perhaps
the most comfortable I have ever been when out.

I dont want to recommend not approaching much as that gives the most/best
experience. However, perhaps body language is the second most important thing.

Listened to some David Deangelo which the audio has so much more impact than
the video due to his not so great distracting body language. He talked about
keeping your status higher than others while keeping the gap as small as
possible. Also listened to some preacher who I thought wtf how did this get on
my ipod. I wasnt going to listen after I realized he was a preacher but decide
to listen anyways and keep an open mind. It ended up being good shit. He
defined spirituality as whatever makes you happy. He also talked about how you
should question everything and not just stick to your beliefs or what other
people tell you. Of course I got some good butt rock sessions in also.

Got into nashville late and ate dinner. ate some dinner and opened a couple
sets asking where to go on tuesdays.

Went to a packed redneck bar with live music. The singer was not on stage but
was on the bar singing. Somehow there was a seat right below his feat. So of
course I push my way through and go sit in the seat. I order a beer and turn
around facing the crowd. The entire bar is looking at me and the singer as I
sit there badboy/alpha style. He kept running back and forth along the bar
above me. In the past I would feel very awkward with everyone looking at me
like that when I dont know anyone and Im just trying to chill. It felt very
empowering to just sit there with slow body movements while a bunch of drunks
danced around me. Even had some girls approach me which normally doesnt

After a while I decide to check out the recommended bar which required me to
drive. It was almost 1:30 by the time I got there and was mostly dead. Did a
few approaches with alpha/slow body movements. I could totally feel the higher
status even though frat boys would be invading my sets. One 3set did not go
well as my opener was weak. A few minutes later I used Narcissisto's patented
whats your best rejection routine. One girl said 'what kind of drugs are you
on?' I responded with very slow movements/intonation with 'Yeah Im on crack'.
funny shit.

Anyways like I said not the most successful night with no spectular results.
But wanted to keep you guys updated on the rockstar tour. Im starting to feel
the body language thing better and can now keep a positive attitude as my
validation now comes from within.

The Jacas rockstar tour schedule
wednesday - oklahoma city
thursday - flagstaff (can I make this?)
friday through friday - Vegas
Friday through Monday (memorial day weekend) - Los Angeles
Tuesday through September - the san francisco bay area

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