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Another question for Tyler Durden_C&F

mASF post by Osiris

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Another question for Tyler Durden_C&F
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mASF post by "Osiris"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Every time I see something like that in regards to the Double Your Dating
system (hell, almost any system), it either comes from a competing seduction
guru, or from people who completely misinterpret what they hear from DeAngelo.

That TC blog is a prime example. I've never heard anyone affiliated with that
system say it's wrong to touch a hottie, and that you should keep up the same
flavor of C&F throughout the entire relationship.

Around here, C&F is known more as a way to spark and enhance initial
attraction, and then completely stop and move on to something else then it is
as a personality aspect that is more than worth cultivating within yourself.
Would you act the same way ten months into a relationship as you would when
first opening a chick? No. C&F is no different.

As a part of your personality and who you are, it moves with you and adapts to
whatever situation you may be in. Using C&F like you would in the initial
stages, ten months into the relationship probably will blow you out. Using C&F
like you've been in a relationship for the past ten months will only keep up
the tension and attraction.

If C&F resonates with you, and that is key in the first place, NEVER stop.
Yeah you can pull back a bit and just keep it a part of who you are, but then
again you shouldn't be C&F 100% of the time in the first place.

As far as looking at C&F in terms of being part of your toolkit, then it's
probably better to start with rapport, and then move on to C&F because it will
just work so much better.

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