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LFG My tribute to sarging

mASF post by Odin Danneskjold

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LFG My tribute to sarging
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mASF post by "Odin Danneskjold"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

Have any of you guys been sitting around thinking "I can not fucking believe
how my life has turned around"? Ok, I never was BAD with women, I had some
successes. But as a whole, I was unhappy with this part of my life. I grew up
in a pretty small town where everybody pretty much knew who everybody was, and
if you weren't in the right "group" you weren't interesting. End of story.

Then I moved to a bigger city, where I met a great girl I had a LTR with for a
year and a half. We had our problems, sure, but she was stunning, caring and
wonderful in so many ways. I will always love her in a certain way I guess.
Then I went abroad to study, and we had a long distance relationship for a
semester. That sucked big time. She was gonna come with me for next semester,
but when I came back things got very hard and we ended up breaking up. I left
my home country early to get away from it all and got back. Now I was newly
single and was DETERMINED that I would have the time of my life.

The first night I was here I got with a hot canadian girl. That, I thought, was
a pretty good start:) I went online and found some articles on PU on From there, I eventually found David D's "Double Your Dating" and
downloaded it. I read it immediately and loved it. I started trying it out at
once. Then, trough PAIR wingmen I found some guys who pointed me to the local
lair, and I signed up at mASF. The rest is history.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am probably the one with the least
theoretical knowledge here, and I haven't read a fraction of the stuff in the
fucking manual. But mASF, the guys I met and "the community" was of great help
in keeping my focus and reminding me that you CAN have the kind of success with
women most guys only dream of in their masturbation fantasies. All it takes is
balls. Fuck the patterns, you need balls first and foremost.

Indeed, what I have realized is that I have knew much of this stuff ALL ALONG!
What most of us guys need is not to learn, but to UNLEARN most of that bullshit
we have been thought by our mums, out teachers and hollywood movies where the
"nice guy" (who aren't really nice at all) always get the SHB in the end.

Where am I know? What have happened in the last three months of my 22 year old
life? Well, I have had more sexual partners than the average guy has in his
lifetime. Only one of them are pissed at me for being "an asshole". I now can,
and do, approach hot chicks without being intimidated. Getting phone numbers is
gradually becoming a piece of cake. I regurlary have dates with girls I
previously thought were out of reach. I have four dates with four stunning
blonds this weekend. My friends, male and female, have no problems at all with
what I am doing, to the contrary, they love to hear what I'm up to.

Not only that, but I actually find that I like people in general more. I am
more social, and I talk to people all the time. Yesterday I was waiting for a
train and was sitting next to a young girl about 17. She looked sad and
confused, and I started talking to her (wasn't fond of talking to strangers
before). It turned out, she had every reason to be sad. It was like something
out of a greek tragedy: her alcoholic father had dies some years before, she
got in a serious car accident that scarred her bad same year and her mother had
been diagnosed with lounge cancer. Now she was on her way to the hospital
because she had just found out her boyfriend got sick and was rushed there. I
tried to cheer her up, and told her some motivational stuff I picked up in
books I have been reading lately. Then I showed her a coin trick I learned and
have been using on HBs. Gave her the coin and said she should practice it and
could use it to cheer up her boyfriend in the hospital. When I left the train,
I saw her trough the window waving at me, then practicing the trick she was
gonna show her boyfriend and laughing when she failed. That felt better than
any sarge I ever made.

Some people want us to think that "players" are only lying assholes that hurt
people. That's crap. I have never been so honest as I am now, and I have much
more to share with others. Love the Fucking Game.

"Cattle die, kindred die,
Every man is mortal:
But the good name never dies
Of one who has done well

Haavamaal, Words of the High One"

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