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Social Retards, Normal Guys, Pick-Up Artists

mASF post by ijjjji

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Social Retards, Normal Guys, Pick-Up Artists
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mASF post by "ijjjji"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/8/05 1:21:01 AM, Magnus wrote:

>These guys need counselling to
>deal with other issues in
>their life before
>they should even think about
>picking up girls.

I disagree. Such guys lack hormones like testosterone. This must be fixed
(food, wo, sleep). Then they are ready to get with the program like other guys.

>2 - Normal Guys. Guys who
>have had one or two
>girlfriends, maybe lost their
>virginity slightly late but
>have active social lives and
>just don't
>understand women. These guys
>should absorb all the Double
>Your Dating
>material they can get their
>hands on, and then maybe take
>a workshop.

I *totally* disagree! They should start working out and stick to only GWM for
at least one month.

>I think the main problem with
>mASF is that Social Retards
>are trying
>techniques that will only work
>for Normal Guys.

Agree! Or more like, they try stuff that only works with a very confident
attitude, and a whole way of being that suggest you lay a lot of girls. This is
a problem for MOST guys here at some point (me too). This is why its important
to stick to GWM in the beginning.

Interesting post!

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