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RAFC needs help!

mASF post by tocktick20

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RAFC needs help!
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mASF post by "tocktick20"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

ok here is my situation. I was a virgin before last year (I'm now 24). I was
with two girls last year. I must resist falling into one girl-itis because my
confidence at times sucks. I'm fairly good looking and very physically
attractive to women (i'm going to be certified as a personal trainer this
year), but I have trouble talking to them if i don't know them unless its inane
stuff (school etc). I know my looks don't mean anything unless i have the
attitude. I have never been clubbing before and I feel I need to so I can get
more experience and feel I have more choice in my life. I work at my school's
gym and see gorgeous girls all the time and I work with quite a few as well.
I find it hard to practice on them though since i work there and will see them
all the time if i screw up (irrational i know) so anyway i feel clubbing is the
answer for practice.
I need help on how to behave in a club since i have never done that. I know it
is the attitude not what you say but i still need to feel confident in what i
am saying. How do you guys approach girls in clubs?
I am good looking enough to have girls approach me everyonce in a while (that
is why i had two girls last year) but i feel powerless and i want more than
that. I want to know i can have any girl i want.
if possible please give me an example of a 5 minute conversation that ends with
a number. I don't feel comfortable with more than that yet.
Ok example I go up to a girl in the bar and comment on an item of clothing.
that leads to a minute conversation what is an example of a direction i can
move the conversation to without being a pussy? (avoid "what do you do? etc)
Two girls who i know and would like to have fun with i am trying to decide how
to proceed and I could use some help. One lives under me until i move out next
week. I am de going to ask her out but how can i do it best? Every time i see
her she asks me what i am doing tonight. Yes I need advice ridiculous huh?
The other one is very attacted to me and practically drools all over me. I
asked her out (which she had been wanting me to do for 2 months) but she then
had to cancel because her child was sick(i believe her). I called last week
and she did not return my call but i then found out one of her best friends
took 50 sleeping pills and she was at the hospital with him. I hang out with
her and her friends most every saturday night and i know she wants me. But i
am having trouble getting past her not calling me back.
ok also one of my coworkers who is a magician with women has offered to set me
up but i don't want to reveal to my coworkers that i need setting up. How can
I go about this without seeming needy to my coworkers. That is ridiculous I
know but i have to work with these people and i am image conscious. (pussy i
I have read double your dating, gotten davids deangelo's dvd's, and listened
to ross jeffries basic speed seduction course they have helped but i am still a
please help me out and be as brutal as you feel you need to be!

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