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Lay Report: E. European near-virgin online lay

mASF post by jetsetjim

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Lay Report: E. European near-virgin online lay
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mASF post by "jetsetjim"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2005

This is a pretty standard online LR, but there are a couple of things that I
think make it worth posting.

I was online with a eastern european girl on chat when she brought up the
subject of more men than women in her country. I pointed to which shows the breakdown of male vs female members in
each country, as a means of refuting her comment. Well, she got to looking at
the site and starts pouring out the news that she is really horny, wants sex,
wants to learn, thinks maybe a 3some with a couple would teach her etc etc.

Turns out she is 24 and had sex first time with her bf 3 months ago. It
sucked, and he is no longer her bf, and other than spanking the monkey thats
the sum total of her sexual history.

After some chats and emails about sex and sexuality I make the comment that I
could teach her what she wants to know when I am in town next month.
She thinks about it for about 5 days and finally after the new year I deliver
an ultimatum: decide now so I can make plans or else forget it. [I think this
was important because without an ultimatum she would have waffled forever]

Surprise- she agrees. This is an HB8.5 with a 9.0 body (by American standards.
She would be about a 7.5/8.5 in E. Europe).

I say OK, its on, and in the meantime I start asking her about her sexual
desires, fantasies etc. She sends me her idea of good sex (fuck, could it get
any easier?).

So I arrive in the capital of her country and she is due to arrive in the
afternoon from the city she lives in about 4 hours away. I spend the time
getting the items for the night:

4 peach scented candles
1 bottle champaigne
1 bottle rose scented massage oil
I already have a large stock of condoms and lubricant (latter of which was
never necessary)

Apartment I rented ROCKS. Perfect fucking love nest. Cozy, great queen size
bed, fantastic view.

I get washed up, put my suit on, look not too bad for a fat ugly fucker.

6:00pm arrives...where the fuck is she...ding!
Shes at the door with her rucksack. Fuck she's hot. Pictures did NOT do
justice. I kiss her on the cheek, take her bag, she pisses, we head out to

Nice Italian resteraunt: she is nervous as hell...fidgity, playing with her
hair, not looking me in the eye. She admitted online she would be "scared
shitless", so my strategy was just to put her at ease. We talk, and I feel the
key is to keep the conversation flowing, and interesting: silence is deadly. I
use the strawberry field game, table in a room game just "as a fun way to get
to know you better". Chicks dig this pop psychology shit and she is laughing.
As much Kino as I can get, and I sat at the chair next to her as opposed to
sitting across from her at the table...kino much easier.

We then go for a walk, I grab her hand and lead her, and she is becoming much
more comfortable with the contact and with me. Its colder than shit so we head
back to the apt.

Once there we sit on the small couch (I love this apt) and talk for about 1-2
hours. Still kino, a lot of touching her hair, I pull up a chair as a foot
rest and she rests her legs on top of mine (more contact).

Finally I sense she is more comfortable and I ask her "What are you good at?"
she gives some answers and I say "Are you a good kisser?" (some answer)
"Well lets find out"

At this point she puts both hands over her face and Im blocked, so I just sit
back and look at her. She looks at me and says "Well, arent you?"

Major kissing ensues. We go on with this for a good 15-20 minutes. Her shirt
comes off, and eventually her bra. At this point I say lets go to the bedroom,
but she wants to take a shower first (I anticipated was in her
letters). While she is in the shower I light the candles, place them
strategically around the bedroom. She comes out of the shower wrapped in a
towel with bra and panties on and I take my turn (only bad thing about this
apt- tiny shower stall). I come out wearing the towel and she is standing at
the window. Neck kissing ensues, and within 5 minutes bra is off and she is on
the bed, where I proceed to kiss top to bottom, pulling her panties off along
the way.

I start eating her out and she is definatly liking it, but ofter about 20
minutes of sucking, licking and fingering she hasnt come. We take a little
break, talk for a few minutes, then Im inside her and she has just realized
this is what she was born for. We fuck for about 45 minutes with a couple of
breaks to catch breath, and I end up fingering her into her first orgasm with a
guy. She bucks and shudders like shes been defibrillated. Another break for
champagne, we talk about sex, she wants to suck me off, so I show her how (on
her finger), and she wants to learn how to put the condom on (flavored, which
she appreciates). I tell her to talk dirty to me (she gets into that shit big
time) while I fuck the shit out of her until I blow my wad. By this time its 4
am and we fall asleep.

Next morning she wants the massage, which I give her, until shes says "Im
getting so wet". I eat her out and this time shes more relaxed and cums like
its for the last time (certainly the first time with a guys tongue on her
pussy). Then she wants to be fucked doggy style, which goes on for about 15
minutes, and then I get her into missionary and fuck her until I cum.

She has definately liked the whole deal. She really liked the apt and I think
that was important. She mentioned several times that she "felt really
comfortable here". We went out for lunch and she stayed until about 6pm, then
went to a freinds place, as I was due to leave at 4am the following morning. I
offered her the chance to stay, and I think she would heve gone for it except
she didnt want to be alone, and her train didnt leave until tomorrow afternoon.

Would like to turn her into an FB. Will have to see how that goes. Ill be
back to her country in 2 weeks.

Something about E. European chicks- I paid for dinner and lunch the next day-
it would have been like half her monthly salary. OTOH, I had mentioned in
email how much I liked fucking a girl wearing black thigh length stockings,
which is what she was wearing when she came out of the bathroom. She bought
them for me, and to my mind that was sufficient effort on her part. In these
poor-ass countries, making the chicks buy the drinks and going dutch just wont
fly at a decent restaraunt in most cases (but not ALL!), but if they put out
some sort of effort I think its worth paying their tab.

In hindsite, I think this is a good example of a chick who is basically scared
shitless being seduced into getting in touch with her inner slut. The change
in her behavour the next morning was night and day.

BTW, this chick was the classic pent-up librarian intellectual type. Jesus,
whoever said these chicks are the wildest fuck is right.

Thanks to David DeAngelo for Double your Dating: Much of it I applied to this
situation. The book is dead-on.


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