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Best e-books? best shit to read?

mASF post by elektrobank

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Best e-books? best shit to read?
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mASF post by "elektrobank"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

Is his ebook a whole lot different that what he wrote up on or from his posts around here? I already read
this and all his posts, which are all really good, I'm just wondering if am I
going to get a whole lot of new stuff from the ebook or just more of the same?

On 1/16/05 10:30:00 PM, n3rv1 wrote:
>On 1/16/05 9:44:00 PM, green_slip wrote:
>>Rank your favorite
>>e-books/shit to read about
>>everything as far as women and
>>PU. I would start but I've
>>only read double your dating
>>so I don't have much to
>>compare it to.
>Gunwitch's Dynamic Sex Life» is as good
>as it gets. Cheap ($40, including
>audio), to-the-point, and EFFECTIVE.
>It's all you need, if you are willing to
>focus on it 100%. Reading and listening
>to this shit really will improve your
>perspective on getting laid.
>It can be PUed at»

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