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A KILLER start to PU...

mASF post by Dingo

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A KILLER start to PU...
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mASF post by "Dingo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

You know, for me when I was just starting out (about 3 years ago now) as an AFC
turning into rAFC and progressing from there, I really wish someone had told me
who to listen to, what to read, what to do etc.

So, this post is for all the newbies and up-and-comers out there that may be at
a plateau or not know the best place to begin.

If you are stuck and looking to move forward, here is a list of action steps
for you to take:

1. Go buy "Double Your Dating" (») it'll be the best $40 you
ever spend.

2. Read ALL the back issues of the "cliff's list" notes. It may take a few
weeks, but it's the BEST FREE information available anywhere (yes, I know DYD
comes from Sisonpyh and that some of his posts are in cliffs notes, but there
is a lot of good stuff that is only in his book).

3. Done that? Good. Now write a quick opener that you feel comfortable using on
women. If no opener makes you feel comfortable then use an opinion opener like
"hey, I need a quick female opinion on something, who do you think lies more,
men or women?" (I learnt this from TD - don't know who the original credit goes
to) you can watch this opener being used at and it should give you
some idea of how to use it effectively.

4. Start opening women everywhere. Forget about closing, forget about "getting
laid", just get out there and start opening and have normal conversations.
Don't worry about telling story's, don't worry about isolating, just get out
there and start talking to women.

5. After you've had about 30 conversations with strange women, start going for
email closes David D. style -- and make sure you are still working your way
through all of the Cliffs list back issues.

6. Start following up on those emails, and go for day 2's. This is also a good
time to begin practice on your phone game...

...Getting flakes? Good. This means you are actually closing women taking some

7. Keep going until opening lone wolves is comfortable for you, and you are
starting to open group sets (if you weren't comfortable doing this in the
beginning, you should be more comfortable with it by now).

8. Take an in-field workshop with RSD/MM/pickup 101»/badboy or whoever. All
these guys are great (I haven't met ALL of them myself yet, and I'm not going
to promote one over the other, but I've heard good things about ALL of them),
they specialize in different mindsets/styles -- I would talk to them all and
choose the one that fits your own mindset/style the best.

9. Take your new skills in field and redefine "success" with women!

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I haven't included things like *get
natural friends *get attractive female friends *live your life so you don't
need anything from anyone to have a great time *Improving your inner game» with
NLP, affirmations etc. etc. but these are things you could be working on as
well, and I've found them to be really great for my own game.


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