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Re: One-Itis

mASF post by exps16

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Re: One-Itis
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mASF post by "exps16"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2002

Her 'fear' of relationships isn't exactly how it sounds. If you were a mack,
and played the game right, she would be begging to go out with you. You
weren't playing it right at all. Anyone agree with me on this?

Also, the world is a BIG place. Even a guy like you managed to find a
beautiful girl with all these qualities you desire. Think of the probability
that a a PUA would have at successfully finding a replacement. Pretty high,
especially since he would expose himself to many social interactions.

Get on it. And check out» do save future relationships.

<LAVCArtiste> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> You guys say all women are pretty much the same. You say fuck 10 women to
> it's true. That's just sex. What about personality? I fell totally in love
> a girl who was very beautiful, a former model. She had naturally blonde hair,
> green eyes, was 5'7" tall, slender (my favorite body type), charming,
> sympathetic, encouraging, and she made me laugh. I loved her personality and
> voice. She also seemed to have a fair number of things in common with me. We
> both like sushi, riding bikes in the park, crafts, etc. I felt like I had
> my soulmate. I really bonded with her. Unfotunately, she had a fear of
> relationships, and after she moved, she refused to call me. She had been
> celibate for 3 years.
> I just want to know this: how hard is it going to be to find another girl who
> is blonde, beautiful, tall, slender, charming, warm-hearted, funny,
> with me, and doesn't have any STD's?
> Right now, it seems to me that it's gonna be hard to find another girl like
> this, so that is why I have some degree of one-itis-I am meeting and talking
> to other girls, but so far I don't like any of them as much as Tara, and I
> I could just get back with Tara and get rid of her fear of relationships.

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