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mASF post by BLscorpZ

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mASF post by "BLscorpZ"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2001

If you want, here is my framework below. its not much help because
for now, it is just an outline personalized ONLY FOR ME, and some of
the stuff is maybe a bit out of order. Besides I make lots of
references to the layguidemaniac's plan, and doubleyourdating with a
bit of my own stuff thrown in because I've mainly been using those
guides. A little sloppy, I know, but its to get me started on writing
a frame work.. it will evolve and get better organized over time with
experience and more additions.

PU Framework:


1) Before-you-start:
Alpha Male, look attractive, feel good
The right attitude (ASF, RJ)

2) Find:

Bars, Clubs, College Campus, Dorms, Activities, Parties,
Networking with friends (guys and girls), coffee places, any place
where girls are not moving too fast and giving me eye contact

3) Meet:

-Meet her
3 sec rule, eye contact, smile, wink, wave
Approach & opener
Standard "Hi, how ya doing?"/"Hi, how was your day?"
Notice something, compliment on it, and ask a question about
Situational, pace/lead

-Gain rapport
4 questions
Strawberry field
-Group tactics
Address Groups of girls as single units
AFC talking to a girl, address AFC first, then talk to girl
Lipstick on teeth
Nice nails/hair/clothes
-Compliments (about something other than looks)
"I like your shirt, where did you get it?"
"I like your necklace, whats the story with that?"

4) Attract/Seduce:

-Kino is a must!
-Get background information
Live where?
Living arrangements?
Job location (if applicable)?
Her 'type'?
a) Talker/Listener
b) Good-Girl/Bad-Girl
-Get her interested (deeper rapport)
Demonstrate value, personality, and appeal
Taking her on an emotional journey
Eliciting Values (see layguidea) Ideal guy
b) Ideal girl
Building trust and admiration- examples below (from layguidePatterning & Deep Talk
Incredible connection
Natural woman
Sex is natural
Whatever comes up in conversation
Disclosing secrets (mystery)
Storytelling (see maniac plan)
Games that elicit emotions and types (see maniac plan)
Our World (see maniac plan)
Complain about society rules, shouldn'ts, mustn'ts,
Imagine a society free of those restrictions and
Letting go and be your natural self without any
GM Style
Sexual talk to get her horny
Make references to other women I've been with
Sexual Accelerators
Questions game

-Overcoming obstacles, holding your stance, being a MAN
Managing expectations (for after the fact)
ONS, Fuck-buddy, MLTR, etc (see Relationship Status under
Passing shit-tests, trouble-shooting
Dealing with the boyfriend factor and anti-slut defense
The four C's: Control, Consistency, Congruency, and a
Detecting red-flag behaviors disguised as interest
E.G. "Buy me a drink"

-Is she interested?
Is she friendly to me?
Don't worry too much about those complex signals, look and
feel for the overall aura

-Now she's interested, what to do now?
SOI, close her (strike while the iron is hot!)
If there are time constraints, make a timely exit (takeaway,
get her to chase you)

5) Close:
Date/get-together request
Meet (with an European style kiss)
Getting alone with her
Trouble-shoot flakey chicks
Kiss (see below)
Sex (see below)
Define Relationship status (Svengali's MLTR theory)

6) Kissing-to-Sex: (bridges at»)
Kino, hold her hands
Kiss test (stroke her hair, ears, neck, cheeks)
Extract her to private place
Kiss on the lips
Make out
Remove clothes

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