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mASF post by BLscorpZ

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mASF post by "BLscorpZ"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2001

I get that vibe too. IMO, it is very pervasive. I detect a lot of
"player-hating" and look at how women enjoy player-bashing.

My dad once told me something interesting about "hate":

"You cannot hate something, unless you are afraid of it."

Now, women hate players because they are AFRAID of them. They are
AFRAID that a PUA might swoop in unexpected and sweep them off their
feet. They are afraid of losing control... of losing control to that
PUA. But, control is an illusion... they think they feel good about
being the controller in the relationship with an AFC, but they actually
don't. They get bored with the AFC and eventually leave him or cheat on
him. They probably won't even admit this themselves, but we all know
this. That's why they are afraid of us PUAs and RAFCs. That's why they
try and keep AFCs from becoming PUAs, and pigeonhole them into AFC boxes

However, once a woman is sweeped off her feet by a PUA, they find the
PUA charming, sexy, intelligent, and whatnot.. they find themselves
happier with this man than they ever been with other men. And that
charming man.. could be me. could be you. could be one of those
newbies who just dropped in here. So lets keep at it, men!!

> "The difference between how men and women think about dating - and why
> most women want to keep you from being successful."
> Ive always got that vibe from they have a vested interest in
> peventing AFC's from becoming PUA's what does the book say about that? What
> do you guys think?

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