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mASF post by draxis

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mASF post by "draxis"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2001

the website has something that caught my attention:

"The difference between how men and women think about dating - and why
most women want to keep you from being successful."

Ive always got that vibe from they have a vested interest in
peventing AFC's from becoming PUA's what does the book say about that? What
do you guys think?

"BLscorpZ" <bls***z@ao***.com[ ? ]> wrote in message
> I've read it, and IMHO I think he offers very good advice on how to
> with women and how to take the next step.
> There are some things he talks about that seem pointless, such as washing
> soap 3 times in the shower or does your shoes and belt match. I just skip
> trivial stuff like this and get to the parts where he actually talks to
> and what works for him.
> I've field-tested some of his ideas, and they do work. His attitude is
> PUA and quite the opposite of AFCs. A few of his ideas does go against
> grain here, and that just reminds me that there is no hard and solid rule
> written in stone that works 100% of the time. I think its worth reading
> book and trying his ideas out.
> Even though his title sounds AFC, the most of the content of his book is
> much like ASF and he introduces some new ideas that ASF or SS hasn't
> I'm not trying to advertise for his book, and this is just MY opinion.
All I'm
> saying is that I know his stuff is valid and that it works because I've
> field-tested it myself.

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