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mASF post by Nicholas

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mASF post by "Nicholas"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2001

add***s@be***[ ? ] (TheFairlyBigOne) wrote in
news:3b6***0@ne***noos[ ? ].fr:

> On 05 Aug 2001 02:37:20 GMT, [email protected] (Big Boy) wrote:
>>Post something worthwhile (you may have before, I don't read in
>>here too often) and you will get in eventually.
> So, if I understand correctly :
> - you select people based on what they post here to join your list
> - but you seldom read what's posted here
> Am I the only one who sees a small contradiction here?

Actually, I see more than one contradiction in this thread of posts from
Big Boy. You've only listed one.

> Subscribe to Clifford's List, go to
>» (can't suggest that book enough!), buy a BHSC,
> and use Formhandle's excellent site (esp. ALL of Mystery's old posts)
> when you have a
> question. A mistake I made was reading TOO MUCH

You're saying you made the mistake of reading too much, right after
telling me that I should read more. How confusing is this?

> You are under the mistaken impression that you are ENTITLED to
> knowledge. You're not.

No, I never said I was ENTITLED to knowledge. But I do EXPECT it, when in
those sites you pointed out for me to read (or not) point me to ASF.

> Post something worthwhile (you may have before, I don't read in
> here too often)


> Sorry to be so harsh especially because I can see some of myself in
> you, less than a year ago. But go put in the groundwork and GET A

You don't know anything about me. Why are you making the very stupid
assumption that I have no life? How about this for a life... 34 years
old, have a daughter with a medical condition that makes raising her
alone a hell of a lot harder than a typical 7 year old (and her mother is
little or no help), own my own courier service that keeps me tied up for
14-16 hours a day in two different shifts and also squeezing in a college
class or two when I can, and STILL finding time to go out and sarge

As for being harsh, I am man enough to handle it, as long as it contains
some decent advice, and not just you telling me how lame I am because I
didn't know the answer.

> P.S. I just reviewed some your posts in the archives.... what have you
> actually went out and DONE?,6&rnum=1
& (Google didn't save
my original post on this thread, but my entire post is included in the
first reply by Alphahot1)

> Nicholas said: (ONE approach made at a club - where were the other 2 or
> 3 for this one club? You just did ONE and lamed out, eh? - BB)

What makes you assume I lamed out? I never stated in that post that I
lamed out after that one fuckup. I have stated before, I'll only post
when I have a particular question and I can't find the answer in the
archives after a long search, or when I have a DECENT field report, not
just a brag report.

>> Which leads me to my questions... How does one deal with a chick like
>> this?
> BB says:
> A chick like WHAT dude? She was apparently at least SOMEWHAT
> interested in the convo. Doh....

If you had read the entire post, you would know what kind of chick to
which I was refering... that is, one that won't shut up. One that you
can't get a word in edgewise. HOW am I supposed to tell stories to make
myself appear more interesting when she won't shut up long enough for me
to talk.I LOOKED through the archives for the answer to that one,
couldn't find one, and asked the question. Telling me that she was
interested in the convo doesn't help. That is not an answer, it is a
statement of fact, one that I had figured out on my own. But being that
I'm not an expert, I didn't know how to handle that particular situ. Is
that your answer to every roadblock that a guy might come across, to
eject? If that's the case, then why use any of these techniques? Why not
just be yourself and hit as many chicks as possible, eventually you'll
find one that is interested.

> Almost ALL of your posts are THEORY and not FIELD WORK RELATED.

See above.

And what other names have you used to post here? A Google search using
"Big Boy" brings up NO FR's or LR's. You claim to have all of this
experience, how about sharing?

> And stupid
> arguments with RAY that will never get anyone ANYWHERE.

> How old are you BTW? You remind me of a bud that THINKS TOO MUCH. I
> TOO MUCH to until I said life is too short - RELEASE THE FIEND.

See above. True, I didn't find ASF and the related sites until a few
months ago. And the minute I started reading, I knew how much of my life
I wasted. But now I'm trying to make up for lost time, but I'm NOT going
to forego the life I've built for myself to do it, but... anything I can
fit in, I will. When I do get out and come up with something worthwhile,
I post. And I also appreciate advice from those with more experience than


"That man that hath a tongue, I say, is no man,
"If with his tongue he cannot win a woman."
--William Shakespeare, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", Act 3 scene 1

"Losers always whine about their best...
"Winners go home and fuck the prom queen."
--John Mason (Sean Connery) "The Rock"

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